Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wait a minute, does anyone know what actually went on in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud?

ANYONE?!  We know by know the police have no clue, we certainly the prosecutor who put together the case, ASA Bill Kostrzewski has no clue but we thought we had a pretty good handle on what went on.  Today we're specifically referring to the role of defendant Michael Martinez's part in the Barrera mortgage fraud.  As we mentioned before on our blog, it was our understanding (and perhaps the states as well) that Michael Martinez  was the guy who lent the "straw buyer" $125,000 as the earnest money for the closing and was then repaid the $125,000 plus $10,000 more after the closing for the Barrera fraud.  We know that Mr. Martinez plead out back in June 2009 and is now nearly done with his probation sentence.   I think that those of you following our blog since it's inception can agree that this was our understanding of Mr. Martinez's role in this fraud or so we thought!

Last night while digging through the files pertaining to the Barrera mortgage fraud, I came across the report prepared by the court appointed guardian, David Alschuler, for the foreclosure case associated with the Barrera mortgage fraud case, here it is again for your review...

David Alschuler Guardian Ad Litem Report for Bernardo Barrera Mortgage Fraud Case                                                            

Did anyone catch it?  Take a closer look...

So according to the court appointed guardian David Alschuler, it was Michael Martinez who purchased the home at the center of the Barrera mortgage fraud not John Romney.  If we're to believe Mr. Alschuler then the state and the defense attorneys had gotten it all wrong for the last two years.  Obviously Mr Alschuler wasn't paying much attention while he was cutting and pasting from the Miami Herald in preparing his report from the court, if he was paying any attention when he was preparing his highly inflammatory and blatantly false report he would have known that it Michael Martinez had nothing to do with the purchase of the home in question.  It's downright scary to think Mr. Alshuler could be so sloppy, I can only hope that he takes better care of his clients.

Nice work there Mr. Alschuler, I guess we didn't crown him "Moron of the Week" for nothing!


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