Friday, February 21, 2014

If you claim you've never been arrested on your job application, how do you explain this?

We left off a few days ago discussing a police detective who claimed that he had never been "arrested, convicted, or plead no contest to any violations of the law, police regulation, ordinance, traffic violations which resulted in fines or(sic) of more than $100.00" on his job application for the police department where he's currently employed.  We also raised the issue of the detectives integrity being compromised because of his dishonesty on his job application.  Since we made that post, our readers have been running wild in our comments section with all sorts of different comments ranging from arguing about the legality marijuana to allegations of the subjects of my recent posts being some sort of vendetta.  Whatever.

With that said, it's time to take a look a the police report from the incident that the detective forgot to mention on his job application, take a look and as always, click on the image to enlarge...

So from what we're able to glean from the report, the subject gets pulled over for some sort of improper exhaust on his car, the officer pulls the guy over then asks him for his drivers license and registration at which time he pulls out a black zippered bag and starts looking through it for his registration.  While he was doing so, the officer spotted a vial with some cocaine in it then decides to arrest the subject.  It gets better, once the officer starts searching through the bag, he finds some "job cigarette papers" aka "rolling papers" and a altered drivers license where the date of birth was changed from 1967 to 1963 which coincidentally would have made the subject 23 years old instead of 19, IE the perfect fake id to use to buy alcohol.  At the end of the day, the subject was then transported the the Dade County Jail where he invariably spent several hours in a holding cell after being booked.

The question that begs to be asked though, is considering how traumatic this experience must have been and the impact it must have left on the subject, how could he have forgotten all about it when it came time to fill out his employment application for a job as a police officer?

We're going to dig deeper into this story next week, in the interim, for all our readers that have been going on and on about marijuana and who's smoking and who's a pot head etc, please tell us, what exactly were those rolling papers found in the subjects vehicle used for?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So you lied on your job application...

Like the title says, so you lied on your job application.  Under normal circumstances, this may not be that big of a deal.  After all, whats a little white lie on a job application?  Maybe you added a few years of work experience on your resume, made bogus claims about your education or even made up a job to fill in long spells of unemployment.  No biggie, right?  How about lying about past problems with the law?  I can understand why people would be reluctant about disclosing prior arrests and convictions, after all, as an employer, I certainly wouldn't want to hire someone with a questionable past.

So what if you have had past brushes with the law?  I guess if you lie on your employment application, you run the risk of the prospective employer checking your background, maybe you get lucky and they don't and perhaps you get the job?  That may work for some, but what if the job you want is in law enforcement?  Shouldn't you disclose everything about your past, even if it involves an arrest and a conviction?  After all, if you want to be a cop, isn't it a prerequisite for a cop to at the very least be honest, especially on an employment application?

Here's what were getting at, take a look at this screen shot of a particular detective's employment application (click on the image to enlarge)...

Now, clearly where it says "Have you ever been arrested, convicted, or plead no contest to any violations of the law, police regulation, ordinance, traffic violations which resulted in fines or(sic) of more than $100.00?" the applicant checked off "NO".  What we're going to find over the next several days is that indeed the individual who filled out this employment application was indeed arrested, convicted and plead to a violation of the law.  Furthermore, the individual who filled this application out was subsequently hired and made a detective.  

Now, you all tell me, how can any of the cases that this fellow put together during his career or any of the testimony he may have given for those cases be worth a shit when he perjured himself at the very get go when filling out his employment application?  This situation seems like a steaming pile of shit to me.  Even worse, if I were a defendant in a case put together by this fellow, I'd want my attorney to know about this situation with his employment application as it shows that from the very beginning of his career, the subject cop was dishonest.

Friday, February 14, 2014

It ain't easy writing this blog...

Throughout the last several years, we've often struggled with the subject matter of this blog.  Whether the story was about a crooked politician, dirty cop or other fraudsters that haven't been found out yet, it's tough writing about these people.  Each and everyone one of them has a family that for the most part may have nothing to do or even know about the nefarious schemes our subjects have been involved in yet by outing these folks we invariably do great harm to the people around them not to mention outing whatever crooked business they're engaging in.  So it's tough to write about some of our subjects over the years knowing the kind of collateral damage that will occur as a result of our work, nothing drove this point home more than watching the friends and family of then City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur during her federal mortgage fraud trial.  It tore me up to watch them have to sit through the trial and ultimately watch her get convicted and sent off to jail, regardless, in my opinion, considering her position and how she abused her position, it was a story that needed to be told.  Perhaps she should have thought about her children before she engaged in a ten million dollar plus fraud?

Regardless, we're now working on a story involving a dirty cop who thinks nothing of manufacturing false police reports, fabricating evidence, etc.  When our story comes out, this cop is sure to loose his job and more than likely his law enforcement certification.  I've held off on putting this story together considering the impact it will have on his family, who more than likely have nothing to do with this guy being a piece of shit.  When considering the consequences of outing this guy, you have to take into account that this guy thinks nothing of writing bogus police reports and fucking with people simply because he can.  A dirty cop?  I think so.  Does he deserve to be outed?  What do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FPL backed candidates in yesterdays South Miami Elections get TROUNCED!

The title says it all and our friends over at Eye On Miami said it best...
Incumbent South Miami mayor Philip Stoddard won reelection to a third term last night, with a galloping 62 percent of the popular vote. 1897 ballots were cast, representing 26 percent of eligible voters. Running for city commission, former mayor Horace Feliu -- a stand-in for Florida Power and Light -- lost to Walter Harris by a 20 point margin; the second time Feliu has been turned away by South Miami voters.
They left out Gabriel Edmund also trounced Donna Shelly for the commission seat that Valerie Newman vacated.  Congratulations to Mayor Stoddard, Commissioner Harris and Commissioner Edmund.

With that said, we were fortunate enough to obtain this video from the Newman/Feliu campaign headquarters that was taken just after the results came in...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Its election day in South Miami!

Hold on to your hats, it's election day over at the City of South Miami.  First and foremost we have the mayoral race where termed out city commissioner Valerie Newman is running against incumbent mayor, Phillip Stoddard.  There's also the race to fill the commission seat that Newman is vacating and commissioner Walter Harris is running for reelection against former city mayor and commissioner Horace Felieu.  

Unfortunately though, at least one of the candidates seems to have broken the law during the course of this election, I was ready to throw a post together detailing the crime the candidate was alleged to have committed but I was told that I should hold off as the police are investigating.  Oh well.  For the time being, we'll sit back and wait for the election results.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Michael Miller, co-publisher of Community Newspapers, offers an alternative view of the Horace Felieu campaign sign stealing incident.

Our friends over at Eye on Miami covered the Horace Felieu sign stealing incident yesterday on their blog.  Michael Miller, co-publisher of Community Newspapers and Horace Felieu's former employer gave this version of events in the blogs comments section...
MIchael Miller said... 
Here's what I heard: Horace and two other people were out campaigning and parked their car in a friends driveway.Upon exiting the car,Horace walked across the street and started talking to a gentlemen who was in his garage. Horace chatted for about 10 minutes about the election and about the gentlemen's dune buggy. 
At some point, Horace asked him about the Stoddard sign that was attached to the street sign.Horace pointed out the the sign was illegally placed on city property.The gentlemen said that it wasn't his and Horace asked if he could remove it. Which he did. Soon thereafter, the woman of the house objected to the removal and Horace suggested that if she wanted the sign, that it be moved off the public swale and placed on their own property. The women agreed and Horace carefully placed it on their own property and not on public property. 
Next..Back to where Horace had parked his car(across the street from the dune buggy.) Horace and two others were invited in and spent more than five minutes inside his friends home and they were told by the homeowner that the Walter Harris sign that was on the side of their property line did not belong to them and that they wanted a Horace sign.
Horace then went to the side neighbor and asked if the Harris sign belonged to them,which they denied. At their request, Horace put up his sign and the Harris sign was removed and given to them.
And BTW, Horace's car did not have signs in it that belonged to Harris, Stoddard,or Obama nor Clinton or Christy 
So there ya go..Another way to look at that event.

Michael Miller
Essentially through his interpretation of events, Mr. Miller is calling William "Billy" Calcoa, the man who made the report to the police, a liar.  While most of his comment is hearsay, he does go on to state this part as fact:
And BTW, Horace's car did not have signs in it that belonged to Harris, Stoddard,or Obama nor Clinton or Christy
Oh, ok.  Glad Mr. Miller is taking inventory of what's in Mr. Felieu's trunk, thanks for that.

Even if you take Mr. Miller's word for how things happened, the one thing that Mr. Felieu can't escape is his role as a wanna be code enforcement officer who's cruising the streets of South Miami pointing out what he alleges are illegal signs.  Once again, from Mr. Miller's version of events...  
Horace pointed out the the sign was illegally placed on city property...and Horace carefully placed it on their own property and not on public property.
Honestly, WTF?  This part's my favorite though...
So there ya go..Another way to look at that event.
Ok, granted, that is another way to look at the event but so is blaming the whole thing on aliens, only thing is, the alien version of events is more probable than Mr. Miller's!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City of South Miami former mayor and current candidate for city commissioner, Horace Feliu, accused of stealing campaign signs.

Talk about WTF?  A South Miami citizen has reported former mayor and city commission hopeful, Horace Feliu, to the police for ripping off campaign signs!  WTF?!  What makes this allegation even more bizarre is that the person who allegedly witnessed Mr Feliu stealing the signs said he was stealing Mayor Stoddard’s signs for the mayor race, a race that Feliu isn’t even running in?!  Take a look at the report as it was given to the South Miami police…

Monday, February 3, 2014

City of South Miami mayoral candidate, Valerie Newman, is a racist.

Ever since we started covering the goings on over at South Miami, we've consistently heard stories of off handed racist remarks made by current city commissioner and now mayoral candidate Valerie Newman.  Whether its a comment disparaging Jews or blacks, there's plenty of rumors running around about different racially insensitive remarks made by Commissioner Newman, problem is that most of these comments were made in person and have been hard to prove.  That is till now, one of our readers forwarded us a video which contains a copy of an email where Commissioner Newman explicitly says "screw the black vote".  Take a look for yourselves, here's the email...

In case you missed it, here it is...

The video goes on to give several more examples of Commissioner Newman behaving "rude, boorish and tyrannical ", take a look for yourselves...

Screw the black vote, huh?  I suspect Commissioner Newman is going to be in for a nasty surprise come election day.