Thursday, February 6, 2014

Michael Miller, co-publisher of Community Newspapers, offers an alternative view of the Horace Felieu campaign sign stealing incident.

Our friends over at Eye on Miami covered the Horace Felieu sign stealing incident yesterday on their blog.  Michael Miller, co-publisher of Community Newspapers and Horace Felieu's former employer gave this version of events in the blogs comments section...
MIchael Miller said... 
Here's what I heard: Horace and two other people were out campaigning and parked their car in a friends driveway.Upon exiting the car,Horace walked across the street and started talking to a gentlemen who was in his garage. Horace chatted for about 10 minutes about the election and about the gentlemen's dune buggy. 
At some point, Horace asked him about the Stoddard sign that was attached to the street sign.Horace pointed out the the sign was illegally placed on city property.The gentlemen said that it wasn't his and Horace asked if he could remove it. Which he did. Soon thereafter, the woman of the house objected to the removal and Horace suggested that if she wanted the sign, that it be moved off the public swale and placed on their own property. The women agreed and Horace carefully placed it on their own property and not on public property. 
Next..Back to where Horace had parked his car(across the street from the dune buggy.) Horace and two others were invited in and spent more than five minutes inside his friends home and they were told by the homeowner that the Walter Harris sign that was on the side of their property line did not belong to them and that they wanted a Horace sign.
Horace then went to the side neighbor and asked if the Harris sign belonged to them,which they denied. At their request, Horace put up his sign and the Harris sign was removed and given to them.
And BTW, Horace's car did not have signs in it that belonged to Harris, Stoddard,or Obama nor Clinton or Christy 
So there ya go..Another way to look at that event.

Michael Miller
Essentially through his interpretation of events, Mr. Miller is calling William "Billy" Calcoa, the man who made the report to the police, a liar.  While most of his comment is hearsay, he does go on to state this part as fact:
And BTW, Horace's car did not have signs in it that belonged to Harris, Stoddard,or Obama nor Clinton or Christy
Oh, ok.  Glad Mr. Miller is taking inventory of what's in Mr. Felieu's trunk, thanks for that.

Even if you take Mr. Miller's word for how things happened, the one thing that Mr. Felieu can't escape is his role as a wanna be code enforcement officer who's cruising the streets of South Miami pointing out what he alleges are illegal signs.  Once again, from Mr. Miller's version of events...  
Horace pointed out the the sign was illegally placed on city property...and Horace carefully placed it on their own property and not on public property.
Honestly, WTF?  This part's my favorite though...
So there ya go..Another way to look at that event.
Ok, granted, that is another way to look at the event but so is blaming the whole thing on aliens, only thing is, the alien version of events is more probable than Mr. Miller's!


  1. Hooray for Horace Feliu! Stoddard, Harris, and Welsh made sure the city manager did away with code enforcement, and the city looks like there is no enforcement, drive by Stoddards, Harris, and Welsh homes and see their yards, truly disgusting. As far as Harris, he placed his signs all over the city WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE HOMEOWNER, that is illegal, and gets away with it.

  2. Yo, Stoddard's yard is a butterfly garden.

  3. As for Michael Millers blog response of what he heard,

    How nice of Horace Feliu to go about the city of south miami and help the residents and residents homes, public right of way - those who have Walter Harris signs and remove them because the residents are disturbed by the signs and not able to move them on their own. Get the OUT of HERE.

  4. Michael Millers "Paper" nothing more than that based on what he heard, his slogan should be
    we print the chain mails your grandma gets in her inbox and take them to press like they were true.

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