Monday, February 13, 2012

Just what does it take to get someone arrested in this town?

While I'm waiting on documents for the Airways Auto Tag agency story, I stumbled upon the investigation report for the Commissioner Marc Sarnoff attack on Coconut Grove gadfly Reid Welch.  From the looks of the report and eyewitness testimony, it looks like Mr Welch was telling the truth, City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff did attack Mr. Welch, punched him and wrestled him to the ground.  Here are a few excerpts of eyewitness statements from the report...

Ok, first let's look at what Mr. Maruri told the police...

In no uncertain terms Mr. Maruri witnessed Commissioner Sarnoff run from his house, punch Mr. Welch then wrestle him to the ground.  Now, Mr. Maruri is a unbiased third party with no ties to either Sarnoff or Welch so theoretically he's got no reason to lie about what he saw.  Now, onto another unbiased witness...

Once again, in no uncertain terms this witness says that Sarnoff hauled ass from his home, ran over to Welch, punched him in the back of the head and mounted him.  Wait WTF?

Ok, now that we have two unbiased witnesses that clearly state that Sarnoff attacked Welch, punched him on the back of the head then mounted him, what's the third witness say?  Let's look...

Convenient as this third witness, Sue McConnell, has a long standing relationship with Mr Sarnoff, even the cops don't buy her bullshit, in their report they state clearly "...conveniently she could not recall how they ended up on the ground."

Now, understand, I have no sympathy for Mr Welch, but if it was anyone else doing the attacking other than Sarnoff, surely they would have been arrested.  Here we have two witnesses who clearly witnessed Mr. Sarnoff running at Welch, sucker punching him, mounting him from the rear and keeping him on the ground while holding his legs (insert laugh here) yet no arrest.  This is a clear cut case of assault and like I said, I can't even blame Commissioner Sarnoff for attacking Welch but still, Sarnoff should have been arrested for assault no matter how justified he was in attacking Welch.  But like our friend Al Crespo is so fond of saying, "It's Miami Bitches!"


  1. The most egregious example of assault in Miami justly, and Sarnoff gets away with virtual murder of his first Miami pal.

  2. IT IS NOW FIVE YEARS LATER...and I've just been released, a little morehan one week ago, from 50 months in Dade County jail; imprisoned for five years so far, for the "crime" of demanding in November 2012 the arrest of Sarnoff, for his year-before, unprovoked, 29 October 2011 battery of myself, which the State Attorney refused to prosecute, for prosecution would have ended Marc Sarnoff's political career.

    Reid Welch
    January 10, 2017