Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fighting crime, City of Miami style!

As we discussed a few months ago, crime in the City of Miami is up 10.7%, so how does the city deal with it?  Do they put more cops on the street?  NOPE!  The easiest way to deal with the increase in crime is to simply have police chief Oroso's administration lie about the crime stats!  Our friend Al Crespo does a bang up job exposing this blatant cover up in his piece today where he tears apart the City of Miami PD's annual report where it seems like they simply cut and paste the stats from 2010 into the 2012 report!

Even worse than the fraudulent statistics is this god awful organizational chart found within the report...

The same backstabbers that conspired against former Chief Miguel Exposito and ultimately did him in.  There isn't a more deserving bunch to be at the helm of this wreck that is the police department today.  I hate to use the same pic again but it's so fitting...

While Miguel Exposito wasn't the best police chief in the city's history, he was certainly better than this barely literate crew of misfits that run the PD today.  Congrats Mayor Regalado, NICE JOB!

On another note, the City of South Miami's Police Chief's wife is being deposed again today in the Airways Auto Tag agency case, this should be an interesting afternoon, we'll update tomorrow...

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