Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doral police chief fired after prosecutors refused to press charges against him.

Check out the video from WSVN 7...


After an FDLE investigation there appears to have been some allegations of bid rigging and theft, allegations that were so serious that the FDLE special investigator even prepared an arrest warrant   for former Doral Police Chief Ricardo "Ricky" Gomez...

Gomez Affidavit

Once the FDLE investigation was concluded, the matter was turned over to our state attorney' public corruption unit who refused to file charges against him, the state attorneys close out memo can be found here...

Gomez Close-Out Memo

Specifically the prosecutor stated that:
There is no evidence that a crime has been committed.
How can this happen you ask, especially when the FDLE investigators report couldn't have been clearer regarding the crimes that allegedly took place?  Perhaps the words of former City of Miami police chief Miguel Exposito describing the state attorney sum it up best...
"The problem I have with her is that she is very aggressive against certain politicians or government workers, yet with others she takes the soft approach.  She gives you all the reasons in the world not to go after them..."
Well said, I think the Chief hit the nail right on the head.  Despite a scathing report and subsequent arrest warrant from FDLE somehow the state attorneys office found "every reason in the world" not to go after Chief Gomez.  

I don't know the relationship between our state attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, and former Doral police chief Ricardo Gomez, all I know is that Gomez is a veteran of the Miami Dade PD.  Perhaps Chief Gomez has a history with the state attorney similar to the one that City of South Miami police chief Orlando Martinez de Castro claims to have?  It wouldn't be fair to speculate until we know if indeed there was some sort of relationship that would cause the state attorney to toss out the case against Chief Gomez but if there was, would anyone be surprised?


  1. This is like something out of an Al Capone MOVIE, what the Fuck is going on in the Miami Dade County, FL, with its Police/Politicians who are so called Law Enforcers!
    It is very clear that Miami Dade County has a problem with “Mobster” like Police and Politicians -their ways of doing business, and those who are found to be under the spot light are those who are in EMPOWERED positions and at the financial expense of the TAX Payers.
    Get the “ WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS” out of OFFICE/POSITIONS ! And if the STATES Attorney can’t do it with all the evidence - then get her OUT for not being able do her job!

  2. Mike, Gomez is retired Miami Dade Police not City of Miami

  3. Mike you forgot to write embattled in front of Exposito's name. Please use someone credible to quote, not that idiot....

  4. 11:08, thanks for the clarification, I've made the correction.