Friday, May 3, 2013

Please Help me! Oh no, please don't!

We left off on Wednesday with one of our readers asking us for help because they were defrauded by someone that we wrote about years ago and after being screwed out of a ton of money, no one in law enforcement was interested in taking their case.  Now after we went ahead and set the stage to introduce the story and write about the instance where the reader was screwed, both the reader and the detective working the case reach out to me and ask me to not write about the case because it's an ongoing investigation.  Honestly, WTF?  All of a sudden the cops are interested in the case?



  1. I remember all the Joe Centorino ongoing investigations that ended up with a stern warning in a closeout memo. I am tired of these stupid investigations that go nowhere.

    1. You go higher where they have more reach
      State of Florida Attorney General
      Federal Bureau of Investigations forget about Miami Dade enforcement