Friday, June 21, 2013

THE HEAT and some pretty embarrassing stats for embattled City of South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro

As much as I'd like to sit here and write about the goings on in local politics or the asshat that I helped get indicted yesterday, I'm too happy and way too tired to to so after last nights Heat victory!  So today we're going to have a first, a guest blogger whose given us a rather interesting perspective into the City of South Miami's chief of police, Orlando Martinez de Castro's performance over the last few years as chief.

How good a police chief is Orlando Martinez de Castro? You decide.
South Miami Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro’s contract states:
“The Parties agree that Opa Locka, North Miami, North Miami Beach and Homestead are comparable cities for the purpose of evaluating changes in crime statistics over time.”
The Chief chose these comparison cities himself, so let’s look at FDLE’s crime statistics for these cities and see how his performance has stacked up to his handpicked competition. Chief Martinez de Castro was re-hired as South Miami’s Chief in October 2010, so we’ll use 2010 as a baseline for comparison. Are we being fair so far?

Compared to the average changes for police departments in the Chief’s comparison cities, South Miami’s total crime changes rose 3%, burglaries rose 17%, and percent of crimes resolved by the SMPD (clearance rate) fell 17%. These numbers speak for themselves.
Beyond these dismal numbers, in the two and 2/3 years Mr. Martinez de Castro has been Chief in South Miami his department has failed to achieve state or national accreditation.
For this performance, the former city manager gave the chief $10,000 in merit raises while his rank and file got nothing, and the PBA gave Chief Martinez de Castro “leadership” awards two years in a row. For this same performance, the City Commission fired the manager and voted no confidence in the Chief, both by 3:2 votes.

Yikes!  Those are pretty damming numbers, aren't they?  With that said, thanks to our reader and guest blogger that compiled those stats for us.  Till next time, have a great weekend and GO HEAT!


  1. Your math is horrible and I guarantee you the cities you used to compare are not the ones the Chief chose. He used the cities that surround South Miami. Get a copy of the annual report asshat!!

    1. "asshat"? Is that what cops call watchdogs nowadays? Asshat. I like it. Yes. Asshat.

    2. ..and every single one of the five ass wipe South Miami city commissioners voted to approve OMC's contract - even when a ten-year old could recognize that the cities chosen as a benchmark metric were not comparable.....ask Eda Harris and Sharon McCain; they were the ONLY residents who were intelligent enough to speak out and oppose the Chief's contract.

    3. False. Velma Palmer dissented. Of course Sharon became the Chief's BFF.

  2. Strawbuyer, I looked at the numbers and the math seems fine if you round to the nearest whole number. But this commenter also points out that the Chief violated his employment contract by choosing different comparison cities for his "annual report asshat" than he had listed in his contract. The chief has such loyal friends - too bad for him they're not very bright.

  3. Another proof, it is not what you know to get hired in South Florida, it is who you know.