Friday, July 23, 2010

BLOG FAIL and a tropical storm...

We were all anxiously awaiting Mr John Arthur Romneys plea to get entered today in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, it turns out somehow we made a mistake, the plea that we thought was scheduled for today somehow is actually scheduled for August 25, 2010.  Oh well.

On another note, we received a comment from one of our readers regarding the Plantation Cop Mortgage Fraud case that's rather disturbing, take a look...
"Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver said... We are very lucky that these criminals were arrested before they could victimize other people. We could say the government is doing their job against criminal groups."
Dear "mortgage brokers in Vancouver", we don't know how the criminal justice system over in Vancouver works, but over here it goes something like "innocent until proven guilty".   

With that said, we here in South Florida are dealing with Tropical Storm Bonnie...

We'll be back on monday! 


  1. I am a Mortgage Associate in Calgary, Ab, Canada and I think fraud hurts the whole industry. I agree with your stance that fraud needs to be stopped. <a href=">click here to go to my site</a>

  2. I didn't know there was any of you guys left...

  3. Just a few. You know there are alot of good Realtors and Brokers. Unfortunately there are alot of bad ones too.
    But to prove how life works if you call the top broker or realtor in your town I guarentee they will be one of the honest ones.
    One time I called a Realtor, and he was very successful, and he told me not to buy. The man sacrificed his own income to tell me the truth!

  4. Talking about the justice system in Vancouver - let us all repeat: There are two cities named "Vancouver", the one in BC, Canada, and one in the fair state of Washington. The poster may have meant the American one.

  5. As a Canadian, and as a fellow mortgage broker with a disquietingly similar marketing handle, I'm mildly chagrined by "Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver"'s comment, and its lack of perspective. Let's hope it really was the Vancouver in Washington.

  6. Don't be chagrined Mike, it's all good!

  7. good news that Vancouver government already arrested mortgage brokers criminals,it's really a good news to the whole community in Vancouver...good job to Vancouver's government.i just hope that all the mortgage brokers will be on jail.thanks for sharing this.