Monday, January 10, 2011

Could you be there? Would you be there? Google analytic software kicks ass!

We mentioned a while back that our blog is equipped with Google Analytic software that allows us to see what people are googling and how they find our blog.  This is a fantastic feature to have and as we've studied the blog analytics we've made a few very interesting observations on who visits our blog and how they get here, last Friday at 1:42 pm we had one of our repeat visitors google a very, very interesting phrase...
"Florida prosecutor in trouble for taping clients conversation with an attorney"
YIKES!  Didn't we talk about something similar to this a while back?  You remember right?  Something about a prosecutor getting someone that they scared shitless into wearing a body wire to record their conversations with their attorney?  The example that we discussed back in August was a purely hypothetical one wasn't it or did an unscrupulous prosecutor actually get a person he was threatening to charge with a slew of crimes to wear a "body wire" to record conversations he was having with his attorney?  We'll just have to wait and see if this really did happen.  

What's most interesting about this person who performed that google search that led them to our blog last Friday was the fact that they're from Washington D.C., specifically from the United States Department of Justice. 

Could it be that our prosecutor ordered "body wire at attorney's office" story really did occur?  Maybe it did?  Maybe someone ratted out the person who ordered it?  We'll know soon enough if an overzealous prosecutor who lost sight of right and wrong in his relentless pursuit to save a case that he should have never signed off on actually did the unthinkable and violated one the most sacred legal concepts of our judicial system.

Moving on, last Friday we mentioned that the paranoid mayor of the City of Miami was worried that there were men in black SUV's following him around town, as luck would have it, guess who sat down next to me for lunch on Saturday?  Take a look...

What are the chances?  That's our very own Mayor, Tomas Regalado...

Trust me, I was there for over an hour and there were no black SUV's following you around Mr. Mayor, rest easy.

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