Thursday, August 12, 2010

A purely hypothetical situation, the YO DAWG guy, the Straw Buyer and attorney client privilege.

YES, I AM OFF MY MEDS!  You all remember the YO DAWG! guy right?

Let's look at a purely hypothetical situation, let's say that me and the YO DAWG! guy committed some sort of crime together, for the sake of argument let's say the crime we committed involved some sort of real estate transaction, nothing as egregious as the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud, perhaps something along the lines of what the Plantation cops are being accused of, say we lied about our income and misstated some facts on a mortgage application for an investment property that we were going to flip for a profit.  As the real estate market soured, our investment went south, we find ourselves unable to continue making the mortgage payments on our "investment" and the property falls into foreclosure.

At this point, the YO DAWG! guy is freaking out and suggests we go see an attorney to discuss the implications of the home going into foreclosure, so off we go to our attorneys office!  While meeting with our attorney we discuss how the deal went down, we tell the attorney everything, where we got the down payment from, how we submitted fake employment information, inflated our salaries, etc...  The attorney gives us advice and we move on, no biggie, just another foreclosure in a nation already drowning in foreclosures.  A terrible situation especially since the YO DAWG! guy was the target of another criminal investigation.  Little does the attorney or the YO DAWG! guy know that I was already involved in another mess as well and had criminal charges looming over me that I had gotten out from under by wearing a wire to the meeting in order to set up the YO DAWG! guy!

Even worse, since the prosecutor and cops listened in on the entire meeting with our attorney where we laid out every single detail of our nefarious scheme, they now have the YO DAWG! guy by the balls admitting to committing a crime!

That's fcuked ain't it?  Wouldn't the entire conversation that took place between me, the YO DAWG! guy and our attorney be protected under Attorney Client Privilege as we discussed the other day?  In fact, wouldn't me being coerced into wearing a wire so that the police and prosecutor could listen in on my conversation between me, my co-conspirator and our attorney be HIGHLY FCKUING ILLEGAL?!

Let's not get worked up folks, remember this is purely hypothetical situation!  God forbid something like this actually happened, I can't even begin to imagine the repercussions of such behavior.  I can tell you this much though, there's at least one of our blog readers whose sphincter tightened up so hard after reading this post that they probably passed out...


  1. thats crazy! whoever arranged that mess needs to go to JAIL!

  2. Easy there, remember I said "hypothetical!"

  3. Is there any tangible evidence that this occurred? If you have something report this to the bar right away as this is a very, very serious situation.

  4. Relax, consider today's post to be nothing more than pure fiction!

  5. Florida has very arbitrary views on the legality of any given situation.