Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prosecutorial misconduct? CHECK! Fake victim of mortgage fraud? CHECK! Witness can't identify suspect? CHECK! Glad to see we're not the only ones!

So here we were thinking we were the only ones that have suffered through the abuses of a bumbling fool of a prosecutor and dealing with a "Victim" of fraud that whose claims were somewhat suspect.  Little did we know there was another case in New York with some remarkable similarities to the ones that we've been writing about, there's an anonymous blogger whose been writing about it on his blog.  

You all remember when we wrote about how defendant Michael Martinez couldn't describe one of his alleged co-conspirators a few weeks back, take a look at how the "victim" in the NY mortgage fraud case describes the man who defrauded her...
The DA put up a seller "victim", Donna Campbell, on the stand recently during the prosecution's case.  Campbell apparently sold her home and she testified she did not receive the correct amount of proceeds from the sale, etc. On cross-examination, Richard Wool, Aaron Hand's attorney, proceeded to ask Ms. Campbell if she had ever met Aaron Hand to which she replied of course.  Wool then asked her to describe Hand.  Campbell answered by describing Hand as a "5'10" African-American male".
Ok, so what's the big deal?  Ms. Campbell got screwed out of some money by a "5'10" African-American male", so what?  Our fellow blogger at Criminal Enterprise illustrates the fatal flaw in Ms. Cambell's testimony with a simple photo of the "5'10" African-American male"...

WHOOPS!  This "African American" looks a bit caucasian doesn't he?   Nice work there Mr. Prosecutor!


  1. So what if Ms. Campbell described Hand as African-American, when asked by attorney Wool (the "bunk" spewing Wool, one of his favorite words during the trial). This could well have been one of Hand's tricks, and he could have told Culbreath to say, that, he, Culbreath was Hand. Remember, Hand didn't want his hands (no pun intended) on anything. He diverted funds into other peoples' names, by simply opening checking accounts in their names and having checks written to them, while taking the money for himself.

  2. The flaw in your argument is that Ms. Campbell was a family friend of Eugene Culbreath - she was a close friend of Culbreath's mother. Get your story straight - DUNCE!