Friday, August 13, 2010

We're off to PANAMA!

It's finally Friday and we're off to PANAMA!  Today we're going to visit a city in Panama named La Chorrera which is located about 18 miles south west of Panama City.  According to the city's wiki page, the city is known for "its beautiful women, kind people, and happy night life", sounds delightful doesn't it?

The climate is warm and tropical with heavy rains from May through November and apparently the city gets it's name from the many waterfalls that are located in the immediate area surrounding the city.  Let's take a quick bus ride through La Chorrera...

Very nice.  Now what the hell does this backwards ass town in some corruption ridden third world country have to do with our blog?  Guess who we found hiding in La Diarrhea, Panama?  We'll discuss on Monday.


  1. Come on, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

  2. i say its Barrero! he wouldnt be there unless he was...HIDING from something would he?

  3. Isn't it Barrera?