Thursday, August 26, 2010

So that mortgage fraud gig didn't pan out for you, huh counselor?

So what happens if you're a real estate attorney who couldn't make a go of that whole mortgage fraud thing?  Say you just happen to be lucky enough to be the attorney who was arrested in the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force's inaugural case back in 2007,  whatcha up to 3 years later?  You all remember attorney David Rodriguez from the Mortgage Fraud task forces first case that we discussed several months ago, ever wonder what he's been doing since his arrest?  As luck would have it, we were cruising down the street the other day and we stumble upon this sign...

Just for the hell of it I decided to call and see who the attorney responsible for this sign was and lo an behold it's David Rodriguez!  From mortgage fraud to ambulance chaser!  NICE! 

Strange thing though is that there's no record of Mr. Rodriguez's arrest, we were only able to find out about the case because of his poorly redacted name that was all over the criminal case file for the co defendants on the same case, obviously Mr. Rodriguez cut a deal early on and had his criminal record sealed so that his foray into the world of mortgage fraud would remain a secret.  Unfortunately for Mr. Rodriguez, whoever did the redacting from the state attorneys office did a piss poor job, all they did was simply go over his name with a black magic marker wherever it appeared in the file, in many instances his name was clearly visible underneath the marker making the whole redaction pointless...

I was so shocked at what a poor job the state attorneys office had done at redacting his name, that I completely missed what was at the bottom of the page...

There you have it, we no longer have to speculate whether or not Mr. Rodriguez was involved in that first mortgage fraud task force case, his name is clearly printed on the bottom of a few of the pages in the criminal case file along with his co defendants and the case number.  So much for "redaction"!

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  1. How come this was not referred to The Florida Bar?