Friday, August 26, 2011

Spence-Jones haters, ENOUGH ALREADY! And a quick update on the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud trial.

Throughout my years of roaming the streets of Miami and most recently when working on a friends successful countywide election campaign, there have never been a shortage of people that approached us and told us Michelle Spence-Jones horror stories.  She demanded this, she wanted that, this one needed to get paid, etc.  Then we have the anonymous posters on the various news sites and blogs that are questioning her alleged misuse of the $50,000 in government grants that were at the center of one of her criminal cases.  

That's all well and good, perhaps Spence-Jones did misuse the $50k or was maybe even involved in some nefarious payoff schemes which illegally funneled money to her or family members, if there was even a modicum of truth to any of these allegations then why didn't the state attorneys office produce proof of said illegal deeds?  Had any of the people who post comments on all these websites come forward and submitted proof of these alleged crimes to the police or the prosecutors?  Consider how desperate the state must have been to be able to bring any additional charges to further sully the reputation of Mrs. Spence-Jones, don't you think they would have listened to anything anyone had to say?  Or worse even listened to the incoherent ramblings of a convicted transsexual prostitute junkie jailhouse snitch for dirt on the commissioner like they did with the late Art Teele if they had to in order to save face?

The fact is despite being on trial in the public spotlight for over two years, as far as the public knows no one has come forward and proven any of the rumors that are constantly hanging over Spence-Jones' head.  Rest assured if there was any credible allegations against the commissioner, she would have been charged.  With that said, welcome back the D5 commissioner and deal with it. 

I've never been a fan of Spence-Jones, but at this point I'd think the state attorneys office limited resources would be better spent looking into the other criminals running around Pan American drive.

Now, onto the Plantation Cops mortgage fraud trial, my sources are slow with new information, what I can tell you for certain though is that the prosecution has been boring the shit out of the jury with the minutia of mortgage and real estate transactions.

Imagine sitting in trial for weeks if not months on end listing to bullshit about deposits, 1003 applications, signatures, earnest money, closing statements, etc.  Frankly, I'd go nuts.  This in my opinion is whats wrong with the big federal mortgage fraud trials, the government makes them too obtuse, too long and too god damn boring and hard to understand for the jurors.  It should be easy otherwise it seems to me you loose the jurors interest, in fact I've been told there were several instances during the first phase of the Plantation cops trial that the jurors were falling asleep during the court proceedings!  We'll do our best to update you on the case next week and see if we can put you to sleep, till then, have a great hurricane free weekend.


  1. I don't understand. The gov't argued that any lie told by the lead agent wasn't that big of a deal during the first trial to matter- not that he was being truthful. Then he somehow forgot to calculate $600k in repairs, never compared sale appraisals from before and after and has been caught scheming with the plantation PD to intimidate current officers from testifying. Why isn't he being investigated? Why isn't the USAA upset that he just wasted three years of their time? Why isn't someone who took an oath to uphold our constitution and it's principles taking offense to this? Where is FDLE's internal affairs unit? How is this guy a certified LEO?

  2. Joe's lawyer ! all I can say is-- he is one of the best lawyer's I have ever seen !!

    I WILL make myself useful and report that the governments case is falling apart!!!! The truth is coming out finally!! Lies can only be hidden for so long and I bet the government has never seen a witness like Joseph Guaracino...this guy knows more about this case than anyone. Take care :)

  3. I don't understand how the prosecutor's case can be falling apart, the true facts are exposed,Joe Guaracino has proven to the jury,judge,and the feds that there so called investigator has been lieing and making up his own case.But yet the jury can still find innocent people guilty. Why is this case of lies continuing to hurt these men? and what about the victims in the first case. will the truth help them?

  4. It is very hard to win Public Corruption cases. There is rarely a video and there is rarely an obvious paper trail. Even the crooks watch CSI and Law & Order.

    The prosecutors hope one crooked elected official will rat out another. Or one crook will turn in another for a lighter sentence.

    Think Carey-Schuler was really going to rat out her protege? Think Armando Cordina was really going to admit he got played for a chump?

    Even the lowly Herald wrote Spence was ethically challenged.

  5. Probably the truest comment posted ever regarding Spence-Jones.