Friday, August 5, 2011

Does special agent Roadruck of the FDLE have X Ray vision? Also, federally indicted City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur is on the road again!

I'm in a bit of a rush today so I'll leave you to ponder this question over the weekend; does special agent Roadruck of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have X Ray vision or is he just a poor investigator?

We'll discuss on Monday.  Now, here we are nearing summers end and what do you know, federally indicted City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur wants to travel again!  Take a look at the motion...

Veldora Arthur Second Motion to Travel

THE FUCK YOU SAY!  Let's not forget that Ms. Arthur had just taken off to the Bahamas from April 21 through April 24th then to the Carolinas from May 26 through May 31, now Ms. Arthur is off on another trip August 7 through August 21st!!!!!!  WHAT IN THE FUCK!!!????  That's 25 vacation days just in the past five months alone.  If that isn't bad enough, our sources tell us that Ms. Arthur has been on paid leave from her position in the City since her indictment early this year! 

I have a really hard time with this whole Veldora Arthur thing, this woman is a black eye on the City's fire department.  Think about it for a minute, the City of Miami Firefighters want to initiate a recall against Mayor Tomas Regalado for trying to balance the city's budget by cutting their salaries and benefits, how does it look when you have people like Veldora making over $300k per year, sitting at home on administrative leave then taking 25 days of vacation over the course of five months?!  Not to mention that she's been federally indicted for crimes that would have gotten anyone else fired from their jobs!

Like they say, only in Miami!


  1. How many illegal led billboards and murals does the city have to put up in order to pay Veldora's salary?

  2. This is disgusting. 25 days traveling in 5 months? For her every day is a paid vacation. She never shows up at work and she still gets paid.

    Fire Department employee gets a $300,000 pay and benefit package and never shows up at work?

    Mayor Regalado?

  3. How many liars from the AUSA's office does it take to get an indictment?

  4. Veldora Arthur was indicted for being part of a $11 mil mortgage fraud ring. Now she is accused of stealing from the City of Miami for taking a pay check but refusing to show up at work.

    Why doesn't the Fire Union fix the Fire Department before going after the corrupt Mayor?

  5. While the re market was booming and everyone was making money we fell aspleep at the switch and let these unions go nuts with their pay/benefit negotiations. Think about this for a moment, it would better for someone to roll out of highschool straight into the FD versus going to college then say law or med school. You'd end up making more money as a city firefighter without the schooling and requisite debt burden that comes with it. Next time you talk to a lawyer, ask how many of his collegues make over $300k/year with outrageous pension packages!

  6. Joey Boy Guaracino is the biggest fraudster,pig,crook and scam artist. Greed drove him to do what he did. I don't know how you can have a condo on the beach, a million dollar home on the intracoastal, plus another miollion dollar home in the Acres of Plantation just to name a few (all are in default) and say your a victim. Plus the misses bought 6 houses and she never worked. Joe's peers and family members trusted him to handle handle all the paperwork through his equally crooked friends Matt and Rene. He took advantage of everyone, including some very brave honest cops and a federal agent. Joey lived the good life, expensive trips, cars, the casinos in Atlantic City and Bahamas(just ask KG) while everyone else had to work their 9-5 just to make their end of the mortgage payments. No remorse for what he did to some of our boys at Plantation. No Strawberry, I mean buyer, it wasn't the prosecution, it wasnt't the banks or the brokers who did the damage, its was Joe "G"

  7. 11:38, do tell. Why hasnt the government made any mention of these allegations throughout the trial? Not that I'm doubting what your saying, but don't you think the prosecutors would have smeared Joe's reputation with this information?

  8. Winston ChurchillAugust 7, 2011 at 1:19 AM

    The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

    Aww 11:38, bless your heart, you are so emotional. We get it, you don't like Joe. What happened? Did he date your girlfriend back in the day? Or was it the numerous awards and achievements he received in the PD that has your panties in a wad? Whatever it is, you really should do some research because your post is filled with your opinions and none of the facts. You are obviously not capable of free thinking or you would not be regurgitating rumors, lies and accusations. Picking on the Straw Buyer wasn't very nice either. But, I guess you'll go after anyone that tells the truth. I'll pray for you 11:38 that you find some happiness within, see the truth, get your girlfriend back and maybe get some awards in the PD.

  9. Once again, The hard working Firefighters/Paramedics of The City of Miami are being stereotyped and grouped because of one bad apple in upper management that was never supported or respected by the main body.

    Federal investigations have always plagued the City of Miami's political system. This is not the fault of the Firefighter or the union. We have a job to do, and we do it well. City of Miami Fire Medics run more calls per man than any other dept. in the United States. The EMS system was founded and developed here in The City of Miami. We do more with less. I would also like to address the ignorant comment made regarding the comparison between being a Firefighter and other such honorable careers such as Physician or Lawyer. First of all, for the record, we do not make $300 or $200, or even $100,000 per year. Our recruits start in the low $40,000's. The training involved is not just going to "fire school". It is 2 years at a college for the Paramedic Certificate. Its almost another year at the Fire College. Throw in others specialties such as Hazmat school, Tactial Rescue School, Dive School, Instructor Certification, Fire Investigation School< ACLS, PALS, Extrication School and many others. If you would add up all of these hours of training, it would far surpass the hours needed in law school. Not to mention, a great amount of City of Miami Fire Medics have their Bachelors, Masters and are Registered Nurses. But no one ever talks about that. According to the press, we are a group of overpaid high school graduates. This is not only insulting but incorrect. The next time you think being a Lawyer is a more honrable and respected career than a firefighters, think about this scenerio. You arrive on scene of a car accident at 3am. The car has struck the light pole and has energized the area around the car. You have people trapped in the vehicle and you have to make a decision NOW!!. You dont have hours, days or months to review the situation, much like a lawyer does for a case. These types of scenarios are quite common in the City of Miami. This is what we do, but you dont here about this do you? Instead you hear the bullshit that we are a bunch of overpaid high school graduates that dont deserve anything, UNTIL THE DAY YOU NEED ONE OF US? We do this job because we love it. We love Miami, and we are so proud to be City of Miami Firefighter. Lucky for you, we will always show up to your house in less than 3 minutes, you will have a Class 1 Fire Department which means you pay less home insurance, and if you have a cardiac arrest, stroke or traumatic injury, your chances of surviving are excellent because of our services. So, living in the City of Miami Limits has just added years to your life. Your Welcome!!!!

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