Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Veldora Arthur wants to travel!


You all remember Veldora Arthur, don't you?  In case you did, Veldora is the City of Miami assistant fire chief that was federally indicted as part of a massive mortgage fraud ring a few months back.  Several people have tried to get in touch with Veldora for comment since the indictment only to receive responses like the one we got recently...

 No biggie right?  After all, several different sources told us that even when Ms. Arthur was on the job she only came in half the time and when she did come to work she was busy conducting business that had nothing to do with the fire department.  That's a little tough to stomach considering she was pulling down over $300k per year between her base pay and benefits, what makes it even worse though is that recently I've been told that Ms. Arthur has been on administrative leave with pay since her indictment.  Keep in mind that this should be treated as nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor for now as I haven't been able to confirm yet.  What I have been able to confirm though is that Ms. Arthur is looking to take a few days off and travel!  Take a look at the motion she filed with the courts for yourselves...

Veldora Arthur Motion to Travel

Nothing wrong with wanting to travel, right?  For the sake of argument, lets say we're civil people that afford Veldora the presumption of innocence, we shouldn't have a problem with her wanting to leave the jurisdiction while she's out on bond, right?  So what's my beef with Ms. Arthur taking off a few days a week to go to the Bahamas and then to the Carolinas?  Consider the economic dire straights the City of Miami is in, take into account the severity of the allegations leveled against Ms. Arthur in her federal indictment and factor in her over $300,000 compensation package as well as the possibility that she may be on administrative leave with pay since her indictment.  Doesn't it seem even more egregious that despite everything that's gone on that Ms. Arthur has the time to be traveling around the Bahamas and the Carolinas while taking six days off from her city job?  Maybe it's not a big deal to some, but for some reason or another it rubs me the wrong way.

On another note, I've been doing research on illegal recordings and wires by police and prosecutors, namely the illegal recordings of a client meetings with their attorneys when I came across this well publicized case that I had nearly forgotten about.  Take a look at this article from the Miami Herald and note the severe punishment the judge gave the prosecutors for conducting these illegal recordings...

ali shaygan ruling against government

There's a certain prosecutor that's been following our blog since it's inception that should be very worried right about now...


  1. This is disgraceful. Veldora Arthura gets indicted for mortgage fraud and Fire Chief Mo Kemp gives her a paid vacation. $1,000 per day to sit at home?

    Other fire union members are probably being paid overtime to cover her shifts.

    The Fire Union should be ashamed.

  2. You Sir are a great American, I guess you have a great deal of time on your hands to trash everyone you write about, why dont you get a life and try to hold a job so you dont have to spend so much time on the blog

  3. Many taxpayers hold down 2-3 jobs so they can pay the taxes to allow indicted fire department employees like Veldora Arthur to sit at home or travel WHILE collecting a paycheck. By the way, the paychecks going to sit-at-home Veldora Arthur come from hard working taxpayers.

    Has Arthur fought any fires lately?

  4. I think this is BS!!! How can these things continue to happen in Miami? This town is selfish and greedy beyond belief. How about Thomas Thelusma, who is also a Miami Firefighter, who also just got arrested by the Feds for the same "straw buyer" charges. Do Ms. Arther and Mr. Thelusma know each other? How come some of the same people are named in both indictments of Arthur and Thelusma? Who is Patrick Brinson? Is he a friend of Arthur and Thelusma? It sounds very coincidental, and suspicious, to me.

  5. Where the F*^k are the Cops!
    Veldora Arthur has been on PAID LEAVE since March! Now Thomas Thelusma has the same special 'LEAVE' Plan!! WTF
    I total agree that all are innocent
    until proving guilty BUT that doesn't mean you CANT WORK. But then again we DON'T Get IT.....because its
    a 'Black Thing'.