Friday, March 25, 2011

A message from City of Miami Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur and another update from the Plantation Cops federal mortgage fraud trial.

Here we are at the end of another week, a week where we've tried unsuccessfully to contact City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur who's accused of participating in an eleven million dollar mortgage fraud scheme. I've tried to contact the assistant chief both by phone and email, no answer by phone and each time I've emailed her I've gotten this back...

Of course she's out of the office! She's making $300k+ per year, who the hell has time to be sitting in the office? From the looks of these "out of office" responses and the fact that we're told that she's still got her job despite being federally indicted in an eleven million dollar fraud, I think it's time someone takes a look at what's going on with the City of Miami fire department. At the very least in my opinion she should have been suspended immediately pending the outcome of her criminal case considering the nature and the severity of the crimes she's being accused of committing.

Moving on, we've been posting updates from the Plantation Cops federal mortgage fraud trial as they're sent to us by one of our readers who's attending the trial, one of our commenters from yesterday expressed their displeasure about what we were posting. To those of you who don't like our reader's synopsis of what's going on at the trial, please stop reading this post right now and move on to something else. As I stated yesterday, I'm simply reprinting what the courtroom observer has sent me in toto, if you have an issue with how they've interpreted what went on that day in court then I can't help you. I for one am grateful for the insight they've provided, take it for what it's worth. Please forgive the spelling and grammar issues as the updates seem to be coming live via smart phone. With that said, here's another report from the last couple of days at the Plantation cop's federal mortgage fraud trial...
Today Loraine Hart a closer for Turnkey Title admits to signing documents for others out of convenience. She stated that she would knock out a closing in 15 minutes, point and sign. When asked if Joe ever forged or initial for the buyers she said disgusted, never! She stated they were professional investors and this was just the industry's fast pace closings, sign quickly. She testified that many others at the title company would forge and even trace signatures of others on documents like the lenders instructions but attorney kassner for Joe Derosa state the lender wanted this important document signed by the borrower that was the marching orders and you would ignore that an sign on behalf of the buyer? Yes

It appears the defense is job is very simple just ask the Governments witnesses and they tell the truth. Will the government be foolish enough to continue to try the remaining defendants? Or will they put their egos aside? the facts of the case will continue to come out daily in support of the defense. How they can continue in good faith at this point borders on an ethical/bar violation.
I don't necessarily endorse these views but it does seem like the case isn't going well for the government. I would really hate to think that the prosecutors indicted these police officers with anything other than a rock solid case. If the cops and FBI agent that were charged end up being found not guilty, who's going to restore their reputations in the community? Who's going to restore their careers and give them back the last year and half of their lives? We'll have to wait and see how the trial turns out.


  1. We demand that police officers are held to a hire standard so should the accusations against them!! The average joe can get arrested, aquitted and continue with their lives. A police officer looses his career and gets convicted in the media. They will never get their reputations back.

  2. No doubt. Even after being exonerated you'll always have a black cloud around you. The looks and whispers when you drop the kids off at school or the discomfort in other social settings. You never come back after this kind of ordeal, trust me I know. We need to hold the cops and prosecutors accountable for bringing forth these kind of bogus cases.

  3. Keep sending emails to Veldora to see how long she is "out of the office" so you can document her time off. She might be in the process of becoming the new Meredith Nation, getting paid for a no-show job.