Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Michelle Spence-Jones NOT GUILTY!!


Jury just came in with a not guilty verdict in the bribery trial of suspended city of Miami commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones!

Congratulations are in order for Mrs Spence-Jones and her defense attorney Peter Raben. Mr. Raben's greatest line from the trial...
"...the state gave them three weeks of smoke instead of a smoking gun."


  1. We can't stop here, as citizens we need to hold the prosecutor accountable for what he did to Michelle. Furthermore Katherine Rundle needs to fire him immediately if not then we need to recall her!!!

  2. Justice prevailed. They need to drop the other charges against her and go after Scruggs and Rundle


  4. I hope she turns around and sues Rundle and the state attorneys office. BTW, can she make the City of Miami pay her legal bills now?

  5. One of the dirtiest politicians to ever sit on the dias, she was known as Michelle Pay to Play. Regardless the state couldn't find real evidence against her so they had to resort to coercing witnesses and eliciting false testimony to bring her down.

    This not guilty verdict is the result of the prosecutions malfeasance.

  6. This is gut check time for KFR. This prosecution was a travesty of misconduct and bad faith. If she does not fire Scruggs, she will wear this case around her neck for a long time.

  7. Pack your shit Mr. Dunn!

  8. The story behind the story is bigger than the story. The state put forth a case that never satisfied the prima facie elements of a violation of any law. Everyone had to know that going in. But they did it anyway. The reason? Spence Jones sued the governor one year ago and was on the verge of winning that case and being placed back in office. Two days before an expected ruling in her favor, the SAO indicts her for bribery thus making the civil case moot. It did not matter that the bribery case was fabricated. The mere fact of the indictment ruined her. The SAO had to know this. They used the grand jury to manipulate the electoral process and prevent a duly elected official form taking office because they have a vendetta against her. Shame on them.

  9. Dynamite Scruggs RevelationMarch 17, 2011 at 6:35 PM


    123. Attorney General Reno asked Richard Scruggs, an experienced federal prosecutor, to
    conduct the factual inquiry into the activities of the FBI and Department of Justice at Waco,
    including the April 19 operation. Scruggs was an acquaintance of Attorney General Reno’s who
    came to Washington, D.C. from Miami at her request to assist her in her new role. Deputy
    Attorney General Heymann asked Assistant United States Attorney Steven Zipperstein and a
    Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility attorney, Robert Lyon, to work with
    Scruggs. The FBI’s Inspections Division provided the investigative resources for the review. This effort was led by FBI Inspector Victor Gonzalez and Assistant Inspectors Herbert Cousins and Roderick Beverly. The FBI compiled memoranda of interviews and other documents. Scruggs and his team then drafted a summary of the beliefs of the Davidians and a narrative of the events occurring at Waco. Scruggs and his team did not conduct a formal investigation. They did not make efforts to determine or challenge the veracity of the statements of witnesses, nor did they test or challenge the FBI’s widely publicized contention that it did not fire guns or use pyrotechnics during the standoff.

    "The failure of the Scruggs team to discover and report that the FBI used pyrotechnic tear gas rounds was the result of initiating the investigation with the assumption that the FBI had done nothing wrong, was inconsistent with the responsibility to conduct a thorough and complete investigation, and was clearly negligent."

    This is not his first time and it won't be his last unless he is removed.

  10. Scruggs should be indictedMarch 17, 2011 at 6:44 PM

    More and it only gets better...

    by Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower
    Scruggs was one of the 1,100 Reagan-Bush holdovers brought into the Clinton Administration specifically for that reason. They are the C&C Crowd, the Conspiracy and Cover-up Crowd. They control conspiracies and their ensuing cover-ups. These are the ones who are held over from administration to administration.
    Scruggs was one of the "Miami Boys" that Reno brought with her to Washington . He rose to the rank of National Security Advisor to Attorney General Janet Reno, while at the same time being under indictment for kidnapping in Costa Rica.
    Radek, Margolis, Richards and Scruggs were all involved in the so-called Reagan-Bush kidnapping policies that started in 1986 and were extant until 1991. It involved kidnapping both US and foreign citizens on foreign soil. After the US Supreme Court in its 1986 landmark decision gave the administration the right to use "extralegal" procedures to bring foreign fugitives before American courts. There were 21 in all who were kidnapped, mostly those who were under indictment for cocaine trafficking in the United States. The commonality is that all of these cocaine traffickers were controlled by the CIA. In their own defense, they had all begun to leak out information to Congress and the media about their connections to the CIA. That's why they were targeted for kidnapping.
    It all fell apart when they tried to kidnap a cocaine trafficker named Israel Abel form Costa Rica in 1991. And how did it fall apart? Someone tipped off the Costa Rican government -- when, where, and who the people were.
    Gee, I wonder who that could have been!
    Scruggs was actually stupid enough to go along himself and the Costa Rican government nabbed him. He got indicted for violating Costa Rican national sovereignty and other felonies. The US Government exerted pressure against President Oscar Arias Sanchez to return Scruggs and so he got returned.
    Then the Costa Rican Attorney General's Office proffered a bill of indictment with the US State Department seeking the extradition from the United States of William Richard Scruggs to stand charges in a Costa Rican Court of Law pursuant to these crimes.
    A friend of mine in Costa Rica would send Scruggs a postcard from San Jose. It was a picture of the Costa Rican national penitentiary. And on the back of the card, he'd write, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here."

  11. Dear Straw Buyer: It seems you are very knowledgeable about stuff, who do we complain to about SAO poor management, waste of tax dollars on a wild goose chase and prosecutorial misconduct? Who do I send my complaint letter to? Please give me a name and contact info!