Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the hell is wrong with the reporters over at the Miami Herald?


You all know we've had our issues with the Miami Herald in the past (check here, here, here, here and here, not to mention the Herald's censoring of comments on high profile articles) so it comes to no surprise to me that the defense attorneys representing the Plantation cops in the federal mortgage fraud trial have had issues with the way the Herald has been reporting on the case and the subsequent trial.  Throughout the last two years since the inception of this blog, I've discovered that the Herald seems to have a pro state and pro prosecution bias to all their reporting, time and time again I've seen the Herald prosecute people in the paper before they even have a chance to go to trial, presumption of innocence be damned. 

We left off yesterday quoting the Herald's James H. Burnett article on the Plantation Cops federal mortgage fraud trial, apparently there were some gross errors made in Mr. Burnett's story.  From one of the courtroom observers...
Miami herald is retracting there inaccurate post after a call to editor and copy if transcript not even close about Velez or Joe.  Very poor reporting, they took Renes testimony of what he did and assigned it to Joe and Velez.
No kidding?  I'm told that the reporter got the story so screwed up that some of the defense attorneys actually called the editor and asked them to retract the story.  I'm not sure how much good that will do at this point.  The observer goes on to say...
Rene stated he told Joe that VOE (verification of employment) with BoA (Bank of America) were the easiest they (Burnett) wrote that opposite.  He (Rene) also admitted to forging over 960 documents they said Velez did that!  This idiot reporter James (Burnett) walks out as soon as the defense starts to cross, not interested in both sides...
I could understand the reporter making some mistakes and mixing up names but why is he only listening to the prosecutors side of the case and walking out when the defenses turn comes to cross examine the witnesses?  Could you possibly get more biased than that?  Is it just me or does it seem like the Herald has a vested interest in making these guys look as guilty as possible?


  1. No different than the way that rag lynched Spence-Jones!

  2. WHO CARES? It's just people's lived and reputations at stake, what's the big deal?

  3. james burton III please tell james burton IV not to become a news writer. Rene said a bank rep told him that bank of america was easy to fake bank statements. Rene also today (march 31) named 6 diferent lender reps that worked for 6 different lends that told him how to do the morage fraud and get it sent to certain under writers. He also stated 3 other brokers he worked with were doing morage fraud all the time going back to 2001.maybe someone should read the transcrips before writting a false artical about people that are still on trail. last i checked you looked into a story before writing it. i dont know if the cops are guilty or not. but i will look forward to the result. but atleast post the truth.

  4. This goes to show that most peoples think that cops get away with what ever they want, its false.
    There are many stories of officers being investigated by over zealous prosecutors and investigators. Many officers have lost their jobs and reputation even after clearly being found not guilty. Politicians love when a cop case comes forward its their time to shine and say how they are fighting "public corruption" while letting other known dirty politicians get away with muder.

    Thanks for following this story and printing a accurate angle.