Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What do you think of when you hear the term "breaking news"?  In case there's doubt as to what that term means, lets take a look at the definition of the phase:

Main Entry:  breaking news
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  news that is happening and being reported or revealed at this moment
Example:  CNN reports the breaking news.

Just what I thought, news being reported just as its happening or in the print world something that would be "hot off the presses".  We've discussed the term "breaking news" in regards to the Miami Herald in the past, somehow at least in our opinion, something is a bit off with the Heralds use of the term "breaking news".  That brings us to another point, has anyone noticed how few and far between stories on mortgage fraud have been?  I'm going through the Herald last night and I find this (click on image to enlarge):


Well, well, well!  Under the headline "Business Breaking News" we have more mortgage fraud arrests!  GREAT!  But upon closer inspection the article says that "ten Miami-Dade residents were charged in a $24 million mortgage fraud scheme LATE LAST MONTH!"  How exactly is this breaking news!?  WTF?!  According to the article the people indictied are:
Yamil L. Herrera, Alain C. Hernandez, Ricelda M. Hernandez, Marie G. Herrera, Samantha Portales, Edel Martinez, Osiris Garcia, Silvio De Paz, Ana G. Blanco, and Luis R. Martinez.
What strikes me as strange about this story is that the arrests happened last month and the Herald considers this "breaking news"?  Is it a slow day at the Herald?  Not much going on in the world of news?  More importantly though, has anyone noticed that this is another BIG mortgage fraud bust that isn't being prosecuted by the local State Attorneys Office and being prosecuted by the Feds?  Do you think these results had anything to do with it?

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