Monday, February 1, 2010

Paging John Romney, paging John Arthur Romney!

Good morning folks!  Everyone remember the man that's at the head of the Bernardo Barrera Mortgage fraud, Mr. John Arthur Romney?  Mr. Romney is the man that if nothing else made a $369,896.88 profit as a result of this fraud, regardless, assistant state attorney William Kostrzewski told the court back in November that Mr. Romney was a cooperating witness and had testified against his co defendants.  That's all fine and dandy, so why hasn't his plea been formally entered?  Doesn't Mr. Romney want to get on with his life?  There's been at least three hearings scheduled before the court for Mr. Romney to formally enter his plea and all three have been delayed, first on 11/13/09, then on 12/11/09 and finally on 1/13/10.  At each and every hearing assistant state attorney Kostrzewski would make up a new excuse as to why Mr. Romney's plea had to be delayed another 30 days, the next hearing for Mr. Romney's plea is set for February 19, 2010.

There's something that happened though at the hearing last Wednesday that should have Mr. Romney VERY, VERY concerned.  See, it looks like we're not the only ones that were frustrated over Mr. Romney's plea constantly getting delayed, this time it was the Honorable Judge Barzee that looked upset with Mr. Kostrzewski's stall tactics regarding the Romney plea.  In an effort to straighten out this mess, Judge Barzee asked the assistant state attorney why the plea hadn't been finished yet to which Mr. Kostrzewski said that it was because Mr. Romney's attorney had been having trouble getting in touch with Mr. Romney and that he's been out of contact with this client for some time therefore making working out the plea agreement impossible.  The Judge was alarmed at this development and even said that the state should be "concerned" about Mr. Romney's attorney not being able to get in touch with his client.  In other words, Mr. Romney came within a hair of getting his bail REVOKED!

Now, let's take a step back and analyze what's going on.  If indeed Mr. Romney is not communicating with his attorney, then we here at the Straw Buyer suggest that he gets in touch with his attorney as quickly as possible as the outcome of the criminal case against him depends on it.  We all make mistakes in life and putting this case behind him is going to be the first step in Mr. Romney's new life.  Don't jeopardize all the hard work you've done with your cooperation and all the work your attorney has done getting you a sweetheart deal with the state Mr. Romney, give him a ring!

That's all well and good if you believe Mr. Kostrzewski's claims that Romney isn't in touch with his attorney.  But what if Mr. Romney was in fact in touch with his attorney and was ready to plead out?  What if Mr. Kostrzewski's claims were indeed false?  That would be pretty $hitty wouldn't it?  If indeed Mr. Romney, you are in touch with your attorney and you have gone to each of these hearings ready to enter your plea and get on with your life, then I suggest that you let the court know that Mr. Kostrzewski lied to the court.  If he wasn't telling the truth, that little lie almost got your ass thrown back in jail.  I would take that behavior VERY SERIOUSLY!  You may even want to let these folks know about it...

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  1. Haha! Another day at the state attorneys office, this kind of stuff happens all the time.