Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's take a look at the purchase contract for this fraudulent purchase!

Before we start today, I'd like to thank all those readers over the last week or so that have sent us emails complimenting our work on the blog, it's because of you guys that we keep writing about the misdeeds of people like Detective Jorge Baluja and the others that we've outlined in our blog.  At the very least, the people who we've been writing about now know that we have a growing studio audience...


 Everyone remember the quote from Detective Baluja's arrest affidavit a few days back that got our spidey senses tingling?


It was that quote and the mention of "other grantors" that really got me wondering and caused me to dig through the mountains of paperwork I've accumulated in order to find the purchase contract for the home that's at the center of this mortgage fraud.  From what we've been told by Mr. Baluja and what the state has asserted, we are to believe that Bernardo Barrera had no involvement with the purchase of this home and that John Romney purchased the home from Maxine Andrews "and other grantors".  Shortly afterwords Mr. Romney turned around without the consent of Mr. Barrera and unlawfully used his identity to obtain a fraudulent mortgage for this property.  The point of finding the original purchase contract for the purposes of this blog was to discover who the "other grantors" were, let me tell you folks, I was totally unprepared for what I found.  Take a look for yourselves...


 Do you guys see that?  Look whose name is listed on that purchase contract!  It's non other than the states victim, Bernardo Barrera!  


That doesn't mean anything right?  Anyone could have written his name in the contract, let's move on...

WELL!  Look at that!  Just to the left of Mr. Romney's and Maxine Andrews initials at the bottom of the first page, is another set of initials, there's a third set of initials!  Who could this be?  Moving along...

UH OH!  Whose signature is that Jorge?!  I would hate to think that could be Bernardo Barrera's signature on this purchase contract!  NEXT!


GOODNESS!  Whose address is that Jorge?  Is that Bernardo Barreras primary residence?  Look at the date next to the signature Jorge, 1/14/08!  That's months before Mr. Barrera claimed he found out his identity got stolen!  Can it get worse?  

Not looking good Jorge!  More initials that don't belong to either John Romney or Maxine Andrews!  Oh boy!

OH $HIT!  There's that set of initials again!  Could there be more?!


OH CRAP!  What do you think Jorge?  Mr. Kostrzewski?  Any thoughts?  Here we've laid out evidence that YOUR victim Bernardo Barrera may have been involved in this fraud from the get go.  Remember, this isn't the contract for the purchase of the home by Barrera from Romney, this is the initial purchase contract from the original seller that Romney purchased the home from that includes Bernardo Barrera!  How the hell did you guys miss this?  Or did both Detective Baluja and the man who was running his investigation Assistant State Attorney Bill Kostrzweski know about this evidence but chose not to act on it?  Before we get carried away we're going to have to collect other samples of Mr. Barreras signature and initials then compare them to what we've found on this purchase contract.  If indeed the samples do match up it looks like the real victims of fraud are the citizens of Miami Dade county.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. ooooooooh....mama mia papalote...

  2. Jesus christ. What a mess. Why haven't the people involved lost their jobs yet?

  3. Why don't you ask Jorge about his abuelo? I hope you guys get his dumb ass fired.

  4. OOPSIES!! I wonder what it must be like for the cop to read this stuff. Detective my ass! Mr Magoo could have figured this one out.