Thursday, January 28, 2010


Let's take a break from our regular programing for a moment to discuss the latest Toyota recall news!  Unless you've been living under a rock, you couldn't have missed the third consecutive recall by Toyota for nearly their entire model line up because of unintended acceleration which they blame on faulty accelerator pedals that have a tendency of getting stuck.  The first recall was a few months ago, they blamed the problem on the floor mat getting stuck in the accelerator pedal causing the accelerator to get stuck.  Then earlier this week they made another recall covering millions of cars they've produced over the last several years and then yesterday they not only recall more cars but Toyota has now gone so far as to shut down all of their assembly lines!  YIKES!  What a nightmare not only for Toyota owners but for the rest of us motorists on the road that could possibly get hit by one of these out of control damn TOYOTAS!

So what does this have to do with us do you ask?  Well, the other night I'm on my way home and I notice a car behind me that is driving very erratically.  As I'm watching in my rear view mirror the car is darting in and out of traffic, tailgating, cutting people off, etc.  Now a few weeks back I had something similar happen where the driver ended up being drunk, so in that instance I called the cops and they actually pulled the guy over, this time I was going to do more than call the cops though, I WAS PREPARED TO TAKE VIDEO!  I ended up taking several videos, but since it was dark only one of them came out halfway decent...

Once the car gets a little closer to me, I realize that it's a damn TOYOTA!  Jeeze!  Was I witnessing a Toyota with one of those faulty accelerators?  Was the poor driver unable to control his car and about to get into a horrible accident?  OH MY!  Once the car gets a little closer, I notice that the driver had this horrible look on his face, not the look of a driver who didn't have control of his car though.  This guy was screaming at something, waving his hands around and just being the typical road rage filled Miami driver, mind you, I was driving at a constant speed of 45 MPH throughout that video.  At this point I grew a little concerned for my own safety so I pulled back a little and let this driver get far away from me, just before he did though, I got a closer look at the driver.  Lo and behold the driver looked just like Assistant State Attorney William J. Kostrzewski!  I wonder if that was him?  What a small world if it was.  I'd hate to see you get stuck in an out of control Toyota Mr. Kostrzewski, so if indeed that was you weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off then slamming on the brakes when you got in front of me, please for the sake of our readership, get your car over to a Toyota dealer and make sure its safe...

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  1. not only is Bill risking his own life in a toyota but he's risking the life of everyone else on the road