Friday, January 22, 2010

Gibberish, by Jorge Baluja.

Here we are at the end of another week in our protracted story of mortgage fraud, sloppy police work and goofy prosecutorial antics.  We learned yesterday that the lead detective in one of the mortgage fraud cases that we've been discussing paid so much attention to his investigation, went into so much detail in the depth of his investigation and took so much care during the course of his investigation that HE COULDN'T EVEN GET THE NAME OF HIS VICTIM RIGHT!  Simple mistake?  Let's give Detective Baluja the benefit of the doubt, surely he was much more careful throughout the rest of his investigation to make sure he got the facts of his case correct right?

Anyone remember us discussing something about a "familiar voice" throughout the state generated documentation in this case a few months back?  Our contention was that through reading the witness statements, arrest affidavits, etc that were in the case file, we got a feeling that the same person had authored all of the documents.  Nothing wrong with that right?  It's safe to assume that Detective Baluja wrote his own arrest affidavit and since we've already seen examples of the Detective making witnesses say what he wants him to say, it's also safe to assume that he wrote the witness statements (or heavily coached) them as well.  Fair enough right?  I was willing to buy this theory until I started reading through some of Detective Jorge Baluja's deposition transcripts the other day, through these transcripts, I started to get a feeling for how Detective Baluja spoke and wrote.  Let's take a random sample of the dreck that seems to flow out of Detective Baluja...

"I didn't read them straight from the -- verbatim of the page, no, I didn't."

Huh?  What the hell is that?  Remember folks, Jorge has had issues with that word "Verbatim" before...

"It's a recorder that has the listening, so you can put it in your ear while you talk."

It has the listening so you can put it in your ear?  WTF is that?  You're losing me here Jorge...

"that's what she wrote in the writing"

ALRIGHT THEN!  What language is Detective Baluja speaking in?  Let's give it a shot, "hey Jorge, how do you like what you're reading in the reading?"  HUH?!  This is what's known as gibberish.  Let's look at the definition:

Gibberish: unintelligible or meaningless language.

Detective Baluja sort of reminds me of someone else that was proficient in gibberish.  Take a look...

That's all for now folks, Monday we'll look at some of the documents that Detective Baluja supposedly authored and see if you guys think this man that is so proficient in gibberish could have actually written those documents.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Detective Jackass strikes again!!! Nice