Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hollywood cops may go to work for Disney after all!

Oh boy.  Everyone remember those cops in Hollywood Florida that were caught "Disneying" the facts of a traffic accident investigation?  Well, it now looks like those cops who took some liberties with the facts of how the traffic accident went down are going to lose their jobs.  Let's take a look at what the Hollywood PD Chief had to say...


So according to the chief, the cops in question are suspended with pay, not much of a punishment but a harbringer of things to come.  For $hits and grins, let's take a look at the orignial video recorded by the cops dash mounted camera...

Damn that doesn't look good.  This brings us to the underlying question, when a police officer has a history of lying, perjuring himself, coercing witnesses and fabricating evidence, how can he be fit to be a police officer?  How can anything that comes out of his mouth be trusted?  I wonder if these thoughts have ever crossed Detective Jorge Baluja's mind.  For the Hollywood cops involved in this mess, from what I can see their asses are toast and even better the Hollywood PD can expect a NASTY lawsuit in their immediate future.

With this performance on their resume, you think Disney would be interested in 5 new security guards?

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