Friday, January 15, 2010

Game changing events...

I've been driving around aimlessly this morning, I had a crappy nights sleep and found myself somehow unable to get into the swing of things this morning.  I was oblivious to where I was going and found myself in a neighborhood that I wasn't familiar with, I looked up then saw this...

Is that incredible or what?  I had no idea that such a thing existed.  Seeing an avenue named after our own State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle got me back on track.  I have to ask myself, does she know about what we've been discussing  here on the blog?  I've learned so much (perhaps more than I bargained for) about how the assistant state attorneys operate with relative impunity and seem to be getting away with all sorts of misbehavior.  The more I learn and the more I ask other attorneys about what I consider to be questionable behavior by at least one ASA in that office, the more I'm told "it happens all the time", "he's been known to do that again and again" or "no one's going to do anything about it", does that seem right?  Peoples civil rights being violated, prosecutors playing hide and go seek with evidence, said prosecutor engaging in all kinds of questionable conduct and clearly stepping outside his role as an advocate, is this the way the system is supposed to work?

As I mentioned in the title of the post today, certain game changing events have occurred since the last time I posted.  It looks like the company that our domain name is registered to leaked a little bit of information to us that we weren't supposed to know about, information that makes our story much bigger than the Miami Dade county mortgage fraud task force and the botched Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud investigation.  I'm disappointed by what I've learned, but get ready loyal readers, things are about to get much, much more interesting.  I can't wait!


  1. They're gonna get you. Did you think for a moment you could rattle their cages without retaliation? Hah!!

  2. So.. have you heard anything about Delaila as of yet? Is she still in jail?

  3. " Anonymous said...
    So.. have you heard anything about Delaila as of yet? Is she still in jail?

    JANUARY 15, 2010 10:36 PM "

    Referring to the attorney that officiated the closing that's the subject of one of our mortgage fraud stories, it's my understanding that Assistant State Attorney Kostrzewski convicted her and had her sentenced to death long ago, I believe she may have already been executed since she had exhausted the appeals process.

  4. What game changing events? Are they going after you? If they're dumb enough to open the first amendment can of worms then they're even dumber than you say they are.