Friday, November 27, 2009

A familiar voice...

After nearly six months of reading my rants here on this blog our readers have become familiar with my style and tone of writing. By now whether I'm writing about mortgage fraud or pruning ficus hedges, you've become familiar enough with my writing, my grammatical errors, my use of syntax and my other literal idiosyncrasies to be able to identify my writing, you could almost say that you can recognize my "voice" in my writing. That's easy enough, so what's the point?

After spending months and months pouring over all kinds of documents in the Bernardo Barrera Mortgage Fraud case file I seem to hear a common voice in almost all the state generated paperwork and most of the witness statements. Does that make sense? Detective Baluja's written statements, most of the typed witness statements and the state's information all sound like they're written by the same person. Confusing isn't it? Remember me saying something about Detective Baluja's testimony being heavily coached and practiced the other day? After reading all of the documents in the file, I'm beginning to think that not only is the Detective's testimony being heavily coached, now I'm convinced that there was someone else preparing all the witness statements and affidavits for the Detective. Is that Kosher Jorge? I don't think so! Let's not go so worked up now, it's the weekend after all, chill out...

So who could be the author of these documents? Whose voice reoccurs throughout the statements and affidavits in the court file? Is it the ghost of a mortgage fraud investigator from years past channeling himself through Detective Jorge Baluja? Is it a higher ranking member of the Mortgage Fraud Task Force that's watching over Jorge's shoulder or is it someone else from outside the PD that has a vested interest in this case? Let's see, I for one don't believe in ghosts and from what I've heard in the grapevine lately it certainly isn't someone from the MDPD, so who does that leave us with?

I'll leave you guys to ponder that over the weekend...


  1. Straw Buyer, I love this blog. It is like a serialized novel. Are you pacing it this way, or are you posting stuff as you learn about it?

  2. A little of both, thanks for the comment. Stay tuned, things are going to get a lot worse.