Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comments and TURKEY!

I can't stand turkey, YUCK! Thanksgiving does give us a chance to sit down and go through some of the comments our readers have been leaving on our posts, let's take a peek at what some of our readers have written:

From our visit to Oak Avenue post:

No shit Mr. Romney! If not for the bust outs you and your friends did in the Grove, the home would never have been assessed that high! DUH!

A very eloquent comment on one of our many suspicious Bernardo Barrera posts:

YEP! That sums it up pretty well. If it's that obvious to someone who just got introduced to the case then why doesn't anyone in the PD or the State Attorneys Office get it?

From my NEW CAR post...

Yes sir, I understand that its a Bentley and not a Hyundai, if you didn't get the sarcasm in that post, please go back and reread again.

From the motion in the court to COMPEL Detective Baluja to show up for his deposition...

I'm sorry, I completely forgot. Next time I'm down at the court house I'll make copies and post it up. Sorry.


We got it thanks, selective prosecution by a morally deficient prosecutor is a common theme in our blog.

These are all comments from the Lack of Headlines about the Roger Besu arrest post...

No, I really don't have anything better to do, Ha, ha!

Ok, then. Don't be shy, tell us how you really feel!

Amazing how his bail went from $5 million to just $50,000 and a promise to show up.

With the money he stole and the various scams that he pulled, he's going to be just fine. I doubt he'll do any time at all.

From the "why rob a bank" post...

Boy that sounds familiar doesn't it? Sounds a lot like a certain curmudgeon that we know that follows this blog with an above average interest...


Very nice, I beg to differ though, I think "asshat" is an unfair characterization of Detective Baluja, I find "assclown" much more appropriate. Yes, I agree to the last post as well, there is no way that Detective Baluja pulled off this caper on his own.

Last but not least, from the "what is identity theft" post...

Yes sir, it is crazy. This whole story is crazy. The lack of action on the part of the MDPD Detective Baluja in to account for his actions is crazy. The lack of action from the State Attorneys Office to bring the ASA involved in this case in to account for his actions is CRAZY. From the Detective that can't get the name of the victim right (what is it Jorge, Bernardo Barreira, Bernardo Barrero or Rolando Barrero?) to the ASA who doesn't know the facts of his own case, this whole mess is crazy.

I do appreciate the comments though, I know we have plenty of readers (check the stats from October here) so it's nice to see the comments and see what you guys think of what's going on. For those who've emailed me ( thanks, I appreciate the compliments and the encouragement you've given us. If there's anyone that would like to contact us and maintain their anonymity do so by using the comment function at the end of each blog post, it's simple and can be done anonymously.

Have a happy holiday folks. We'll see you on Friday.