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Just the facts please! Confirming some rumors and more dirt on Bernardo Barrera...

DAMN GUYS! I'm amazed at the traffic we've generated here! It looks like we have a loyal following of readers just eating this story up! Looks like the Straw Buyers investigators were working OVERTIME the last few days! We got a number of interesting facts confirmed, lets see:
  1. A call to the MDPD Economic Crimes Bureau confirmed that Jorge Baluja is working AUTO THEFT!
  2. County Trust Mortgage confirmed that if I had lost my job before closing on a home mortgage that I would have to notify the lender and they would reevaluate the whole loan application from scratch, therefore leading us to conclude that Mr. Bernardo Barrera committed MORTGAGE FRAUD in 2005.
  3. We discovered the cause of Swine Flu.
  4. We also discovered that Bernardo Barrera was involved in another case of IDENTITY THEFT.
WHOA THERE! WTF WAS THAT?! That's right boys and girls, we've discovered that the states poor little victim in the Mortgage fraud case that's at the center of this story SCREAMED identity theft less than one month before he filed the police report on the Mortgage Fraud/Identity Theft for the home on Oak Avenue! HOLY CRAP! Whats even more surprising is the date that Mr. Barrera went down to the Economic Crimes Bureau to give a statement regarding this other case! Just when you thought our story was getting boring!

On February 8, 2008 Bernardo Barrera calls the MDPD and states that his identity was stolen and that someone had purchased a boat under his name. Officer N. Palacios shows up and writes police report number PD080208066734 where Mr. Barrera states the following:
"On February 8, 2008, Barrera ran a credit check and discovered that this unknown subject has purchased a boat in his name and he had an open account with GE Money Bank in the amount of $95,424.00 and was paying monthly $942.18. "
That's an interesting statement isn't it? I mean after all, how often are you casually sitting around and suddenly decide to pull your credit report? Did masturbation get boring? Not to mention, why the hell would you pull your credit report when Mr. Barrera stated to the police in the other ID theft case that he subscribes to several credit monitoring services? Come on! After Mr. Barrera files a report, he makes an appointment to go down to the MDPD Economic Crimes Bureau to give a statement. Guess what date Mr. Barrera chooses for the interview? Ready for it? Mr. Barrera sets up an appointment for February 19, 2008!


Did anyone else pick up on it? Mr. Barrera chose the exact date that the closing for the house on Oak Ave was to occur! IS THAT A BULLET PROOF ALIBI OR WHAT!


Can you imagine the statement to the cops for the Mortgage Fraud case, perhaps it would go like this:
"hey it couldn't have been me at the closing, I was at the MDPD filling out a report for the other ID theft case!"
That's fantastic if you have a pea sized brain, but if you have at least two brain cells running around in your head, all kinds of alarms should be going off right now. Perhaps when I was four or five years old I would buy into a bull$hit alibi like this, I mean come on this is Scooby Doo
level criminality. I digress, lets move on.

Now, lets take a look at the owner of the boat company that sold the boat to the "fake buyer", Alex Orriols the principal of Ocean Waves Powerboats. From the "Narrative Continuation" attached to the police report, this is what we got from Mr. Orriols:

"On November 1, 2007, an unknown male walked into the boat show located in the Miami Beach Convention Center to purchase a boat. After looking around at all the boats on display, the unknown subject walked up to the Ocean Waves Powerboats display and spoke with the manager Alex Orioles about purchasing a boat and filled out all the necessary paperwork for the boat. After Mr. Orriols reviewed all the necessary paperwork and made copies of his identifications for the deal he sent the paperwork to GE Money Bank for their review. In about a week GE Money Bank had approved the deal and sent the paperwork back to Mr. Orriols. On November 10, 2008, the unknown subject came to the office at Ocean Waves Power Boats LLC to sign the final papers and pick up the boat."
What do we find in that quote above? YOU GOT IT, WE GOT FAIL! MUCHO FAIL! Where's the fail? Well, lets start with the following, THERE IS NO BOAT SHOW IN THE MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER IN NOVEMBER YO! WTF! GOOD LORD! How the hell did that get by the cops!

Really now, do cops buy up ANYTHING people tell them? What the FCUK is going on over at the MDPD! When a cop interviews someone claiming that he too was duped by this "unknown man" posing as Bernardo Barrera, does he bother checking who he's talking to? Well, we here at the Straw Buyer DO NOT FCUK AROUND! So we took a look at Mr. Alex Orriols, the man at the center of the boat ID theft case. You know the drill, first stop, Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts office...

DAMN IT! I'M RUNNING OUT OF EXPLETIVES! WTF x 1,000,000,000!!!!! This TOOL gave a statement to the cops in an ID theft case and didnt' get arrested?!? Considering the nature of the crime and what this guy has in his past, wouldn't you have looked a little deeper into the claim of identity theft HERE?! $HIT! After all this, would you believe that THERE WERE NEVER ANY ARRESTS MADE IN THIS CASE?! Not only were there never any arrests made, but guess what? The loan was discharged from Mr. Barreras credit and was wiped clean from his credit history!!!! HOLY CRAP!

So you ask, whats the status of the boat identity theft case today? The case is listed at the MDPD as being "OPEN" with no arrests ever being made. You think the Cold Case department is working on it? HA! No arrests, no boat ever recovered and POOF, $95,424.00 has disappeared into THIN AIR! Now comes the kicker;

  • Consider for the moment that the states victim in the Mortgage Fraud Case filed another identity theft case just before he filed the one for the home on Oak Avenue.
  • Consider that he made an appointment to give a statement to the detective who was investigating the boat case THE SAME DAY THAT THE CLOSING ON THE OAK AVENUE HOME WAS TO OCCUR!
  • Consider that the guy who "supposedly" sold the boat that's at the heart of the boat ID theft case has A PREVIOUS HISTORY OR FRAUD AND ID THEFT.
Now comes Detective Jorge Baluja investigating the Mortgage Fraud case, do you think he looked at the other ID theft case that Mr. Barrera had filed just weeks prior to the case he was investigating? I mean its a logical conclusion isn't it? Victim screams ID THEFT and you find out that he did the same thing less than a month ago, isn't it worth a gander? From what I see in the Barrera mortgage fraud case police file, I see NO MENTION OF THIS PREVIOUS ID THEFT CASE. Can you comprehend that?!

Can you guys handle any more fail? Did you think that it was possible to witness this much fail? Mr. Baluja is not one to disappoint, as usual Mr. Royal Caribbean Baggage clerk delivers...

I know this is the first time Detective Baluja is seeing what his "victim" is about, so for his benefit, lets recap what we've found on good ole Mr. Barrera:
  1. A statement to the police regarding the mortgage fraud that should have raised the detectives eyebrows.
  2. Discovering that the Mr. Barrera has committed mortgage fraud in the past.
  3. Mr. Barrera opening a corporation with a bizarre name with a place of business that doesn't exist.
  4. Another incident where Mr. Barrera claimed his identity was stolen involving someone with a dubious track record in ID theft and a very suspicious appointment with the MDPD to discuss the previous claim of ID Theft.
What we have here guys is enough red flags on the states victim to warrant further investigation into his past and his claims of ID theft. Considering what we've learned about the "victim" and what we've seen go on in real estate in Miami over the last few years, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that there is enough evidence to suggest that Mr. Barrera was somehow involved in the Oak avenue home identity theft/mortgage fraud case. Furthermore, I'm going to suggest that THERE WAS ENOUGH PROBABLE CAUSE TO ARREST BERNARDO BARRERA! That is if you spent 10 minutes researching Mr. Barrera. At the very least we have enough for anyone investigating this case to seriously call into question any kind of claims that Mr. Barrera would make to the police, yet funny enough THERE IS NO MENTION OF ANY OF THE POINTS THAT WE RAISED IN THE POLICE FILE!

What were going to find out though is that neither the state or Detective Jorge Baluja had any interest in Bernardo Barrera. Don't worry, there's more coming. I've gotten another tip, to pursue it, I have to go learn about mortgages!

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