Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can a detective on the Mayors heralded Mortgage Fraud Task Force screw up his OWN MORTGAGE!?

Remember where I said we were going in yesterdays post? That's right boys and girls, I told you we were going to Jorge's house! So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, 1,392 sq ft of home situated on 9,625 sq ft of land. A nice little home for our detective and his wife, the American Dream. Good for him.

Now, consider Detective Baluja's training in the MDPD, this man was trained to investigate MORTGAGE FRAUD. In preparing for his assignment on the mortgage fraud task force, the detective had to become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Real Estate, mortgages, closings, etc. After all, how could he build cases against the bad guys if he didn't know the fundamentals of real estate transactions? Remember, were talking about a task force that can arrest people for the slightest mistake, procedural or otherwise, even down to the minutia of incorrectly filling out a form!

So what would you say if I were to tell you the Detective didn't execute his own mortgage properly? How the hell is that possible? There's no way this could happen right? This Detective, the expertly trained detective who is on the Mayor's elite mortgage fraud task force, the man that knows the ins and outs of how a mortgage is to be executed, how the hell could he make a mistake like this? Are you kidding?

DAMN RIGHT I'M SERIOUS! Take a look for yourself, lets start on page one of the mortgage where it states:
Get it? Now, lets look at the bottom of each page of Mr. Baluja's mortgage, from page one through sixteen. I've omitted page 15 since there is personal information there that has no bearing on our discussion.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 16

Anyone see the problem? Do you remember the quote from page 1? Here it is again in case you forgot:
That's right, Jorge is married so not only does he have to sign off on the mortgage, but his wife has to as well! Now before we jump to conclusions, his wife did sign on the signature block on page 15, but ONLY ONE OF THEM INITIALED THE OTHER 15 PAGES! You know what that means? Come on now, I'm sure you can figure it out! You are required to initial the bottom of each page to acknowledge whats contained on the page! Because Detective Baluja is a married man, both he and his wife are required to initial the bottom OF EVERY PAGE as well as sign the signature page at the end of the mortgage. Having only one of them initial the pages of the mortgage MAKES THE MORTGAGE INVALID! This is the kind of mistake that the foreclosure defense clinics salivate over! To remedy the situation, this mortgage has to be re executed and re recorded. Hopefully the Detective will take this bit of advice and take care of this colossal FCUK UP!

I'm sure that Detective Baluja didn't do this on purpose, but this mistake does highlight another point, HOW THE HELL CAN A COP WHOSE JOB IT IS TO INVESTIGATE MORTGAGE FRAUD NOT CORRECTLY EXECUTE HIS OWN MORTGAGE?! DAMN! This cop who has the power to turn peoples lives upside down, whose job it is to examine mortgage documents with a fine tooth comb screwed up the easiest possible aspect of his own mortgage! This is the man who conducted an investigation that destroyed peoples lives?

Once again we find ourselves scratching our heads. From screwing up a simple accident investigation to screwing up the execution of his own mortgage, yet this man is still allowed to carry a gun and badge.

God help us.

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