Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's John Romney been up to?

Everyone remember John Romney? Mr. Romney was the man who had purchased the home on Oak Avenue for $185,000 then six days later resold it for $600,000 to a man who had stolen Bernardo Barrera's identity. Let's give Mr. Romney the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is innocent of any wrong doing in this case, still, that's a nice profit for holding the property for JUST 6 DAYS!

So whats Mr. Romney been doing since the Barrera arrests back in October '08? Lets go to the trusty Sunbiz website and see if we can figure out what Mr. Romney has been up to. Here's what we find when we search the database using Mr. Romney's name as a registered agent:

All in all its fairly innocuous, all but a couple of the corporations and LLC's are inactive, but there's one that catches my eye, P.U.D.D. Enterprise, LLC. I've heard people use the term PUDD in the past (in a not so flattering way), lets see what the Urban Dictionary says about the word "PUDD":
  • A short, retarded, shriveled, small, nut sack; ball sack. Commonly associated with a chode. "Dude, you got a pudd."
  • Another word for pussy. "Man he is a pudd ass nigga."
ALRIGHTY THEN! Not exactly on the top of my list for company names, but what the hell! I always remember stories of crooks using screwy names for their companies as a way of snubbing their noses at law enforcement, IE a famous marijuana smuggler naming one of his companies G.R. Eady, Incorporated. Get it? Sort of like giving the establishment the finger, after all, why else would you name your company after your NUT SACK?

Now let's take a look at his newest company:

What are we left to conclude from that name boys and girls? Think about the name;


Interesting name for a company considering the charges that Mr. Romney is up against, isn't it? Amazing. I thought I had balls. My shriveled up nuts are nothing next to Mr. Romney's! This who done it is above my pay grade, I sent what I found up to DC to see if they could make sense of it, what does my man Obama think?


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