Friday, August 14, 2009

Coments from the New Times article and a surprising email.

Some strange comments from the New Times Article:
Damn! The thought of being able to bring in an attractive young female attorney in handcuffs! How many different fetishes are at work there!? I wonder if any of the Detectives superiors had any training in...

Now, back to the detective, here he is showing us how to search a subject...

Back on topic! I've mentioned before that I'm getting little anonymous notes from all over the place regarding Detective Jorge Baluja and now I get an interesting email from attorney Jason Wandner regarding this case. For those that don't recall the name, according to the Miami Herald article, Mr. Wandner was the attorney representing attorney Delaila Estefano at the time the arrests were made. Mr. Wandner told me a number of terrifically embarrassing facts about Detective Baluja's investigation, but most interestingly he gave me the following statement that detective Baluja made after the arrests. In a telephonic conversation with Mr Wandner, Detective Baluja stated:
"I knew she was guilty (the attorney) when she lawyered
EXCUSE ME?! Detective, have you ever heard of something called THE SIXTH AMENDMENT?! Invoking your right to an attorney isn't an admission of guilt! Are you NUTS?! The only conclusion you can draw from someone "lawyering up" is that they're sick of dealing with your dumb ass and they want all your inquiries to go through AN ATTORNEY!

The reality is, when Detective Baluja arrested the attorney, any chance he had of making a real case went up in smoke. If he's fortunate enough, perhaps while he's sitting at his desk at the MDPD Auto Theft task force, someone will be kind enough to read him last weeks newspaper, maybe then he'll realize how bad he screwed up. Sadly enough, when he rushed to make his arrests on October 3, 2008, this is what the people he should have been looking at were doing...

Mr. Wandner made some other very disturbing comments regarding this investigation and how it was handled by the Detectives assigned to it, I have to try to confirm some of these allegations, hopefully I'll be able to do so early next week.

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