Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh crap, now look what happened!

Jorge, look whose here...

That's right, it looks like our little story got the interest of Francisco Alvarado and the New Times, YIKES! This story is spreading like wildfire, it seems to be making its way all over the internet! I want to be absolutely clear regarding Mr. Alvarado's comment:
"What did Jorge Baluja do to elicit so much hatred?"
There's no hate here people, none whatsoever. You can't label revealing Detective Baluja's misdeeds and documenting how he has screwed up investigations that have destroyed peoples lives as hatred. No sir, all we're doing here is telling a story that mainstream media wouldn't tell, we're exposing how bad cops work and the consequences of their actions. I understand this is a terribly embarrassing situation for the Detective, his family and friends, but how could you compare what the Detective is going through to the humiliation that he caused Blanton Harris and his stepson Jakeem Attwell at the scene of his botched traffic accident investigation? How can you have sympathy for Mr. Baluja's feelings when he operated his mortgage fraud investigation and subsequent arrest of the attorney with no regard for her reputation and career? Who knows who else is out there whose lives you have interrupted with your half ass police work, who knows whats buried in the MDPD files. Guess what though, I'm going to find it.

Back to the article, Mr. Alvarado goes on to say:
"An anonymous blogger named the Straw Buyer has been dedicating a serious amount of bandwidth to bash and ridicule the Miami-Dade Police detective."
Serious amount of time and bandwidth YO! Best of all, my man Obama's stimulus check just came in, now I'm even better funded to investigate this story!

I know I must have struck a chord with someone in the Baluja clan based on what we see in the comments section:
"Supporter of Det. Baluja says: Not only is this blogger going on a petty rampage on some poor guy doing his job, he doesn't even have his facts straight."
Well, supporter of the good detective, I've taken GREAT CARE NOT TO STATE ANYTHING IN THIS BLOG THAT I CAN'T BACK UP WITH FACTS! (If I were a betting man, I'd say this is the detective himself making the post!) See, unlike the detective whose investigations are given to flights of fancy and wild liberties with the facts, I support everything I say with TRUTH. As easy as it would have been to make up things about the detective, it would be disingenuous of me to do so, instead I do my due diligence, find documents to support my assertions and then go forward. You would think that's the same level of care Detective Baluja would have taken when his actions could potentially DESTROY PEOPLES LIVES. I wont dignify the rest of Mr. Baluja's supporters comments here, it looks to me like the other people who commented on the New Times blog did a pretty good job, I'm not here to humiliate the poster any further.

You want to know who I am Jorge? I figure I owe you at least that, here's a recent photo I had taken of myself. You want to know where I am? I'm right behind you.

Where do we go now Detective Baluja? Should I go ahead and answer all the emails that I've been getting from the mainstream media for interviews regarding the case and the blog? I know you've denied several of those very same requests, I think for the sake of the site and the readers I should let them interview me, I owe you that much.

Enough for now, I'm going out to eat. I'm thinking Chinese...

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