Monday, August 24, 2009

Where are we at?

So nearly two months into this mess and where are we at today? We've exposed some really piss poor police work regarding the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud investigation, we've shown that the states victim in this case, Bernardo Barrera, has indeed committed mortgage fraud in the past and we've shown that Mr. Barrera has made some highly suspect statements to the police regarding the fraud in question. Pretty earth shattering stuff huh? Yet there's seemingly no reaction. Why? The MDPD can't or won't do anything for fear of tainting the image of its Mortgage Fraud Task Force and on the other hand, although its the job of the State Attorneys office to find the TRUTH and make sure JUSTICE is done, they won't recognize their errors for fear of ruining their ongoing prosecution.

So where does that leave us? Has everything we've done been a total waste of time? Will no one recognize the truth and act on it? DAMN! If only there was another forum where that wasn't ridden with hidden agenda's and political undercurrents, if only there was a court where THE TRUTH DID MATTER. Guess what boys and girls, there is. A forum where wrong doing will be uncovered, a setting where the state's WIN AT ALL COST attitude DOESN'T PREVAIL, a court where lawyers will be called to the carpet for screwing around and hiding evidence. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to case number 2008-60947-ca-11.

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