Monday, August 31, 2009

WHOOPS! What did we do?

Damn it looks like we stepped in a pile of $hit! Our cursory review of some recent home sales in a half mile radius of the Oak Avenue home has uncovered a hornets nest of trouble. Homes purchased at ridiculously high over inflated prices, the usual mortgage funny business and most interestingly a few transactions where the homes were flipped the same day the seller purchased them at six figure profits. Very bizarre, huh? I'm sure the Mortgage Fraud Task Force already knows about all this right? Certainly the State Attorneys Office is busy building cases against these guys right? Somehow I doubt it, at the very least there haven't been any arrests made against anyone involved in these transactions, from what we can see, the sellers, buyers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, title agents or any attorneys haven't been charged. Strange, very strange indeed.

I've been contacted by a few people asking me to retract what I've wrote regarding those homes, I wonder why? Seems like there's a few people with intestinal issues right now...

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