Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What exactly was that post from yesterday about?

So what was that post yesterday regarding civil court case #2008-600947-CA-11 about? There's more than one aspect to the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, there's the criminal case and then there is the civil case where Citibank (who financed the home on Oak Avenue) is foreclosing on the home that is at the center of this mess. Since Mr. Barrera claimed that his identity was stolen, from what I see in the court files, the bank is suing John Doe (since Detective Baluja was never able to determine who showed up at the closing) in the foreclosure suit. The court has even appointed a Guardian to determine if indeed there was an impostor at the closing!

Does it seem right that Detective Baluja arrested at least TWO people at the center of this fraud yet he was never able to identify the man who came to closing posing (supposedly) as Bernardo Barrera? I wonder if the attorneys in the foreclosure case have looked deeper into this mystery? Do you think they bought Mr. Barrera's story hook line and sinker the way Detective Baluja did? I doubt it. I suspect justice will be done in the civil case. From what I understand Citibank is looking at getting reimbursed for their loss and attorneys fees in this case from an insurance policy, I could only imagine that by now between one thing and another that their cost here is well over $750,000. I can't imagine that the insurance company is going to go ahead and fork over that kind of money without a fight, can you? Do you think the insurance company has some bullshit attorneys representing them? I get the feeling that the attorneys are the best in the business, attorneys who will leave no stone unturned, attorneys who don't rely on people like Detective Baluja to make their case, attorneys who WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS MESS AND FIND THE TRUTH!

Now, is there another attorney involved in the Barrera Mortgage fraud case that's keeping up with our little story here? You think he's keeping tabs on our activities? Has he learned anything from our nearly two months of ranting?

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