Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In depth analysis of how Detective Baluja conducted his investigation...

Several highly qualified members of the law enforcement community as well as a couple of attorneys have reviewed the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case and how Detective Baluja conducted himself during the investigation. The conclusions of their investigation are unanimous and their findings regarding how Detective Baluja performed are contained here. It is unbelievable how much Detective Baluja overlooked in his investigation and just how close he was to solving a REAL WHO DONE IT! YES SIR! If the detective would have spent a little less time looking at craigslist, ebay, etc while on the job and spent even a few minutes investigating his case online, he would have hit the jackpot (yes that case!), but THAT'S NOT THE WAY BALUJA ROLLS!

Fortunately for the bad guys, Detective
Baluja took the path of least resistance when investigating this case. In examining the police file, I haven't seen one shred of evidence showing that the Detective considered
the boatload of evidence against the man who claimed his identity was stolen! I mean, Bernardo Barrera wasn't even on Baluja's radar!

Well, despite Detective Baluja's brash attitude and condescending way of being, we now know whats hiding behind that badge and why...

That's right boys and girls. Detective Baluja the wannabe Detective that he is, didn't have it in him to navigate through a thorough well thought out investigation, instead he hastily threw together a half ass investigation and RUSHED to create an arrest affidavit that is full of questionable statements and half truths. In concluding his investigation with this laughable arrest affidavit, he let the real culprits go. That's the real crime in what Detective Baluja accomplished, the bad guys got away and its now TOO difficult to try to create a case against them.

Where the good Detective scored his bonus points though was in arresting the attorney, the easiest target. The one who didn't close up shop and disappear, the one that is bound by the bar to keep their files and make them available to law enforcement, the one that you knew was going to answer your knock on the door and act cordially with you. Unlike the others, who are hard to find, who have no obligation whatsoever to keep their records, the ones that can get away with destroying files, those guys are too much work!

Its my contention that the Detective HAD TO ARREST THE ATTORNEY!
See there was something else going on, there needed to be A BIG CASE BROUGHT BEFORE THE MEDIA ON OCTOBER 3, 2008. I can't give a way the answer just yet, we have to wait a little longer...

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