Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got a new car! There may be something wrong though, perhaps Detective Jorge Baluja of the MDPD Auto theft squad can help!

That's right boys and girls, The Straw Buyer splurged and bought himself a new car! After all with all the incentives and the Cash for Clunkers money, who could pass up buying a new car right now?! I'm driving through Hialeah the other day and this car lot catches my attention, I pull in and instantly fall in love! Now I'm no millionaire and I have no problems telling you guys that I purchased a Hyundai. Let me tell you boys and girls, these Korean cars have come a long way since the first came to the states in the mid 80's. This car is NICE! Not to mention I GOT THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME!

Small problem though, for some reason or another people keep staring at the car, at first I thought they're just HATERS, but come on guys its just a HYUNDAI! I'm at a loss. I was wondering though, since our beloved Detective Jorge Baluja has left the mortgage fraud task force and is now assigned to Auto Theft, do you think he could use his investigatory acumen to help me out here? After all, Detective Baluja made one hell of a case with the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud investigation, looking over my new Hyundai should be a piece of cake!

So come on Jorge, the pride and joy of the MDPD Auto Theft unit, what do you think of my new Hyundai?

I know what you're thinking Jorge, IT NEEDS RIMS RIGHT?!

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