Monday, August 17, 2009

The case of Ernesto Portuondo and a possible face to face with Jorge Baluja?

It seems like everywhere I go all we talk about is The Straw Buyer. I went to a get together over the weekend and guess what the topic of conversation was? You got it, THE STRAW BUYER! Here's a scene from that get together...

Lets take a break from the norm and look back at another mortgage fraud case that we mentioned a few weeks back, the case of Ernesto Portuondo. Mr. Portuondo had some heavy charges landed against him ranging from Grand Theft, Mortgage Fraud to several counts of forgery and money laundering, you would think from the charges alone that Mr. Portuondo was well on his way up $hits creek. At the very least a laundry list of charges (over 9) should be enough to ensure some sort of jail time correct? Well boys and girls, from what I can see in the Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts website, it looks like just 29 days after Mr. Portuondo was arrested the state dropped all but one of the charges against him! WOW! Eight charges JUST VANISHED? Compare that to the charges in the Bernardo Barrera case that are still pending TEN MONTHS LATER?! Makes you wonder how the state will address that one remaining charge right? We'll see.

Back to business! I'm sure you all remember last week when Detective Baluja decided not to attend a deposition regarding the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case? From what I'm hearing through the grapevine, it looks like the good detective is going to have to go before the judge (possible as early as this week) to explain why he couldn't attend the deposition. More than likely the judge will then set the next deposition WHICH HE WILL HAVE TO ATTEND or risk arrest on contempt of court charges if he doesn't. Rest assured, if he goes before the judge, we'll be there!

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