Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's the weekend and I'm lonely!!

Its Saturday and I'm stuck in my miserable little townhouse! So I figured a few weeks ago, I needed to get out of my funk so I applied to one of those online dating services with the cool TV commercials, eHarmony. I fill out all the questionnaires and get this rejection back:


So I'm driving home the other day and go down McDonald street off of US-1 where the K-Mart used to be on the corner. Low and behold THERE'S A DAMN HOME DEPOT THERE! WTF!? All I remember is how all those Grove people chased Home Depot out!? WTF is this?

Does anyone remember all that fuss the Coconut Grove residents made when Home Depot wanted to redevelop the shopping center into a new Home Depot that was literally an architectural masterpiece? Grove residents got together and created "Grove First" then tried to stop Home Depot from building on the site. Home Depot did everything they could to placate Grove residents by offering deed restrictions that would only allow trucks in and out of the site from certain directions and only during certain hours, as far as I remember Home Depot did EVERYTHING it could to accommodate the "Grove First" people all to no avail. Here is a rendering of what the Home Depot was supposed to look like:

From what I've learned it looks like since Home Depot decided not to build a new building, it didn't require permission from anyone to go ahead and just stick a new Home Depot in the old K-mart space. So thanks to all those wannabe community activists (who I assume where backed by the owner of Shell Lumber who has the most to lose from a new Home Depot close by) we get this turd instead:

Nice work guys!

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