Friday, August 21, 2009

It's friday so I'll make this short and sweet.

Remember that motion that was filed with the court that we discussed earlier in the week regarding Detective Baluja's reluctance to show up to his deposition? We finally got a copy of it! I find this quote most interesting:
"8-Det. Baluja's actions as set forth above and his refusal to attend his continuing deposition are clearly contemptuous and in violation of this Court's Order and constitute a willful and intentional attempt to frustrate the discovery process in this cause."
OH SNAP! How's the judge going to react to that? How do you plan on explaining yourself out of this one? There's a suggestion in the same motion that you LIED regarding your vacation in June:
"...advised by the state "he was out all of June on vacation", although it appears that Det. Baluja was less than candid with the Assistant State Attorney handling this matter, since it seems that he was actually on vacation for only two (2) weeks."

Rest easy and have a good weekend Jorge, don't worry though, we'll be back on Monday...


  1. Post the motion! Thanks!

  2. Could you go ahead and post the motion?