Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roger Besu, WHERE'S MY $2 MILLION?!

HUH? While the state is busy with the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud case, whose guarding the hen house? I mean after all, consider how much time and tax payers money the state has spent prosecuting the players in the Bernardo Barrera case, thank god for that! While they got their hands full, who's relentlessly prosecuting the real bad guys? Take a look at this little story:
Roger Besu, 233
Palm Ave., Miami Beach, suspended until further order, following a Feb. 5 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1974) According to an emergency suspension order, Besu appeared to be causing great public harm by misappropriating and/or diverting client funds entrusted to him. In October 2008, a client filed a complaint with The Florida Bar, alleging that Besu was holding more than $3.5 million of his money in escrow and he had not been able to reach Besu by telephone or at his office. Besu did not respond to a Bar subpoena. An audit revealed nearly $2 million was missing from a trust account that he controlled.(Case No. SC09-187)
HOLY CRAP! Did I read that right?! THERE'S TWO MILLION DOLLARS MISSING FROM THIS GUYS TRUST ACCOUNT? Its not like this just happened either, IT'S BEEN GOING ON FOR NEARLY THREE YEARS! Surely by now there must be a criminal case right? He must have been arrested by now right? Based on our
diligent search of the county records, WE SEE NOTHING! WTF?! Two million missing and no action?

Why is there no action in this case? With this much money missing how come we've never heard anything in the media? See, in this case no one in the MDPD or the State Attorneys Office has anything to gain by publicizing this mess. There's going to be no accolades from the Mayor or the President, there's no political points for going after this guy! The Mortgage Fraud Task Force needs headlines! What about the Herald and David Ovalle? Doesn't anyone think this is newsworthy?! I guess not!

Tomorrow we revisit the seven homes in the Grove from yesterday's post. Has everyone done their homework? Are any of those homes in foreclosure? Where any of them flipped within one month of their original purchase? Any of those flips have a six figure profit?


  1. Hey Mr. Rocket scientist, its called SELECTIVE PROSECUTION.

  2. Roger Besu was arrested by the Coral Gables Police Department this past weekend. Contact the Coral Gables Police Department for further information

  3. Thank you for that update, it only took a year to arrest him!

  4. There is no updated on the besu case...what's going on here?\

  5. Havent seen anything under the Roger Besu there any information that we should know about?

  6. We haven't heard about the case of Roger he in jail or what...can someone give us an update about this lawyer....