Friday, August 7, 2009

Horrific leadership. A somber moment in the history of our blog.

I still can't believe whats coming out of the woodwork regarding this story and Detective Jorge Baluja. Simply amazing, please keep the tips coming! Yesterday an anonymous tipster sent me a number of pages from Baluja's personnel file, some interesting reading there!

I knew there was some serious problems with the leadership in the MDPD when we saw Lt. Alexander Casas, Major Charles Nanney and Miami Dade County Police Chief Leonard Burgess all ignore the findings of the Internal Affairs report regarding the traffic accident that Detective Baluja was involved in and then conclude that the allegations set forth in the complaint were not sustained. It took the Independent Review Panel to set these guys straight. I think by now its fair to conclude that what we've uncovered regarding Detective Baluja's investigation in the mortgage fraud case shows that not only are his investigative skills laughable but in handling his investigation the way he did, the real culprits managed to escape prosecution. In an nutshell, Detective Baluja's investigation was a total failure, shitty police work and all. But that's not what the MDPD THOUGHT! Are you ready for this? Please sit down for the following bit of news... On January 30, 2009, just shy of four months after his groundbreaking, career saving arrests in the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud/ID theft case, Major Juan Odio of the MDPD Economic Crimes unit gave Detective Baluja a COMMENDATION FOR HIS INVESTIGATIVE WORK!

That one my friends, left me speechless...

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