Friday, November 20, 2009

It's friday, how do you find our blog?

Another week flies by, another week of hilarity. Our first stop in our story today is the question "how do you find our blog?" There are several ways, you could go to:

That's a pain in the ass though, right after creating the blog I realized that wouldn't work out for most so I went ahead and registered the following web address:

That's certainly a lot easier than typing in all that other crap and it's easier to remember as well. How else can you get to the site? Well, among other things you can google "the straw buyer" or many of the other key words we use in the title or the body of our posts, that's fine too. Now, there's another reader here that logs on twice, sometimes three times a day, but the way this reader gets to the site is rather suspicious, this reader first goes to google and types in the following phrase:
Detective Jorge Baluja
These are the results that are returned by google as it appears on his computer screen:

From here the reader selects the first result which always lands him at this page:

Now, whoever this is that googles "Detective Jorge Baluja" two, sometimes three times a day is really missing out, let me help you out.

See, this site is updated with new posts at least 5 times a week, by googling "Detective Jorge Baluja" all you're doing is going back to the post from Sept 18, 2009. That's no fun now is it? Just go ahead and find that little box at the top of your screen that looks like this:

See the part that's outlined in red? Once you've found that, go ahead and type in the following:

Now that you've typed that in, go ahead and hit the key that says "enter" like this one:

And VIOLA! You're at the newest post! Isn't that easy?! I'm not sure who this is that keeps googling "Detective Jorge Baluja" several times a day (insert sarcastic laugh here), at the very least though we've made the job of finding our blog much easier for him/her.

Moving right along, does anyone remember this little gem?

I can't watch that enough. Now can you imagine someone speaking like that about the Bernardo Barrera Mortgage Fraud case? Even worse, sounding like that in a room full of people? Imagine now that the person that opened their mouth and spouted nonsense regarding this case for over 45 minutes wasn't our favorite detective...

One last bit, lately we've been getting comments on our blog posts! Keep them coming!! I don't track IP's and I certainly don't care what you say, good bad or indifferent. The blog is interactive, so I'd love to hear more from the people that I KNOW ARE READING.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

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