Monday, November 9, 2009

New Mortgage Fraud Task Force arrests!

Remember those guys? It's been a while since they've been in the news hasn't it? Looks like in the wee hours of Thursday November 5, 2009 the task force did a sweep and arrested the following people:
Kleimer Cruz 28, Nancy L. Ortega 38, Pedro Orestes Garcia 45, Katherine Q. Mojica 30, Jesus M. Montero 31, Heriberto E. Jimenez 49, Kelia Michelle Marrero 34, Nereyda Sosa aka Nereida Sosa 49, Annelise Avila 39, Wendy Sanchez 35, Eric Humberto Morera 42, Luis Alberto Doval 40, Jose Carlos Marrero 38, Osmany Pereira Garcia 54, Carmen Rojas Poerschke 55, Flavia C. Gil 45, Jose Luis Garcia 44, Fernando Boix-Lopez 47, Michelle Mediavilla Camacho aka Michelle Mediavilla Minikus 39, Rosemary J. Gomez 43, Jorge Luis Villanueva 45, and Lazaro Rodriguez 42.
This operation was dubbed "Life is good 1, Life is good 2 and Crown is King" by the task force. Very nice. At least one of the names looks familiar, I wonder what happened there. The one thing I do remember from operation "Life is Good 1" is the following quote from the prosecutor working on the case:
"No Room For Probation"
Haven't we heard that before? That leads us to another issue, I've noticed we've had many inquiries by people googling "what's the punishment for a straw buyer" and "punishment for straw buyer scheme", if you believe what the police tell you, its JAIL TIME! Tomorrow we're going to go down the list of people charge in operation "Life is Good 1" and see just what kind of punishment they got so we can answer your questions once and for all. I'm sure everyone that got arrested in the first case almost a year and half ago got some serious time, after all remember, there was "NO ROOM FOR PROBATION!"

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