Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's commit MORTGAGE FRAUD!

So let's commit MORTGAGE FRAUD folks! I have a little problem though, I don't really know how to! Let's see what Detective Baluja thinks Mortgage Fraud is (as always, click on the image to enlarge it)...

ALRIGHTY THEN! That's not really going to help us now is it? Let's assume that I don't have access to the forms that Jorge refers to and that even if I did, I've run out of white out. If Jorge doesn't know how to commit mortgage fraud, then who does? Imagine if we had a training aid from the police department? Perhaps a flow chart describing how a typical mortgage fraud takes place? Imagine if such a document actually existed? Imagine no more...

Isn't that amazing? A step by step flow chart on how a typical mortgage fraud goes down! Let's look at that not as an aid to the fraudsters for a moment, but as an aid to a Detective who's investigating a mortgage fraud case. Based on that brilliant flowchart provided to us by the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force, a mortgage fraud investigation almost becomes a pictoral fill in the blank guide to performing an investigation! Even better, look at the damn house in step #2! Anyone remember the home we discussed back in August? It EVEN HAD A BLUE TARP ON IT JUST LIKE THE HOME IN STEP #2!

With a masterfully prepared training aid like that, how could it be possible that Detective Baluja went so far astray in his investigation of the Bernardo Barrera mortgage fraud? I understand as we witnessed above that his understanding of mortgage fraud was when "people changed numbers on the forms", but as we now know after viewing the task forces training aid, the crime is much more than just changing numbers on the form.

We'll look at the flowchart a little closer tomorrow and see if we can't set up a mortgage fraud scheme for ourselves.

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