Friday, November 13, 2009

Glenn Theobald and his Mortgage Fraud Task Force.

So where did this Mortgage Fraud Task Force come from? We all know that during the boom years of the South Florida real estate market, fraud was rampant. Whether it was bogus mortgages, inflated sales prices, cash back schemes, whatever, it seemed like you couldn't get away from it. From what I've gleaned from the few resources that are available online, Glenn Theobald of the Miami Dade Police Department took it upon himself to draft and lobby the state for the passage of Florida State Statute 817.545 which gave law enforcement the teeth to attack the Mortgage Fraud that was running rampant in our county and state. It's through this vital piece of legislation that the Miami Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task force was born.

Now, you have to ask yourself, how the hell did a cop pull something like this off? We need to take a look at who Mr. Theobald is! From what I've learned Mr. Theobald was a Miami Dade Police officer who rose through the ranks while putting himself through college and subsequently law school! HOLY $HIT! This man is a criminals worse enemy! A SMART COP! Even worse, if there isn't a law on the books to bust the bad guys, HE CAN MAKE NEW ONES TO NAIL YOUR A$$ WITH! DAMN! Not only is Mr. Theobald a role model to other cops (at least in my opinion), he's also a role model to the entire community. We need more people like this on the police force in my opinion, an individual like this can go on to become a community leader, perhaps beyond the police force, as a matter of fact, from what I've read, Mr. Theobald was in the running to replace Ken Jenne for Broward sheriff a few years back. Too bad he didn't nail that job though, if he did maybe the events of late involving Fort Lauderdale attorney and influence peddler Scott Rothstein would have unfolded a bit differently...

Regardless though, we know through reading about other mortgage fraud cases executed by the task force that there are GOOD cops doing good police work in that task force. Remember the case of attorney David Rodriguez that Sgt Richard Davis put together? I mean that case was right out of the cop shows you see on TV, under cover work and everything. Now we see that kind of work that Mr. Theobald has done in combating mortgage fraud, so we have to ask ourselves how can we reconcile the behavior of Detective Jorge Baluja? We've seen that he can't put together an accident investigation, he has a history of suborning perjury, he doesn't know the first thing about real estate or mortgage fraud and his testimony would not hold up in any court of law, so how the hell did this guy slip through the cracks and tarnish the sterling image of Mr. Theobald and his Mortgage Fraud Task Force? Even worse, how did Detective Baluja go on to get a commendation for his investigatory skills?

Moving right along, it's Friday and it's a big day in local news. City of Miami Commisoner Michelle Spence Jones is scheduled to surrender herself to police on charges of grand theft, amazing after all her speaches and grandstanding about being sure she was going to be cleared of allegations of wrong doing. In the private sector, Juan Delgado, the owner of Delant Construction, is scheduled to surrender himself on charges of creating bogus billing for county projects. What do both of these stories have in common Mr. Kostrzewski?


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  1. Glenn Theobald retired (AKA as getting canned) this week.