Friday, September 18, 2009

Victims statements and how Detective Jorge Baluja processes them.

We mentioned early on that perhaps Bernardo Barrera's claims of identity theft were suspect to say the least, after further examination of Mr. Barrera's background and other identity theft claims, his assertions of ID theft definitely warranted a closer look. Despite all these red flags, Detective Baluja took Mr. Barrera's word as gospel then forwarded his findings to the assistant state attorney who also didn't believe it necessary to investigate the victims claims, instead both the Detective and the ASA were OFF TO THE RACES! These two guys had a DEADLINE THEY HAD TO MEET! More on that later!!

Now that we've established that the MDPD and the state attorneys office rushed headlong into this case without doing the proper due diligence, they've laid the groundwork for a faulty, error prone investigation and the subsequent defective arrest affidavit. Wouldn't you think at the very least the state attorney would go through the detectives findings with a fine tooth comb before allowing a potentially life destroying case to go forward? But $hit guys, when your under the gun to bring home a case before a DEADLINE, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Based on what we've seen in the handling of the Barrera case, lets take a look and see how Detective Baluja would have handled this case from Akron Beacon Journal police blotter...

Now lets put ourselves in Detective Baluja's shoes, what would he do after hearing this poor mans story? I think he would immediately put out an A.P.B. for a man holding a gun in one hand, a video camera in the other, a pocket full of mushrooms and fresh giz stains on his clothes. Once Baluja's done icing down the mans freshly masturbated genitals, he'd then forward his findings to the Assistant State Attorney who would already have a warrant ready to go for animal cruelty, illegally videotaping a sex act and probably another charge for some sort of fire arm violation. Sound absurd? This is precisely what happened with the Bernardo Barrera Mortgage fraud case. The reality is if the victim here was investigated, you'd probably find that he was watching porn, got so hot and worked up that he banged the dog till it dropped dead then in a fit of shame he called the cops and concocted this story about this mystery man who videotaped him waxing his weasel then fed his dog some mushrooms causing it to expire.

Early on in this blog I expressed my doubts about the validity of Mr. Barrera's claims, with yesterdays findings, my suspicions have been proven to be true. As soon as I have the green light to post the documents that I received yesterday, I'll go ahead and decimate Mr. Barrera's claims of innocence and as I mentioned before, I CAN ONLY HOPE THAT THE STATE DOESN'T HAVE THE DOCUMENTS THAT I RECEIVED. If indeed the state does have these documents and has not acted upon them, then my friends we have all the ingredients of A MAJOR SCANDAL.

Have a nice weekend y'all!

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