Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The more we look, the worse it gets.

Like the title of this post says, the more we look into this case, the worse it gets. As we peel back the layers of this case we find more misconduct, more sloppy lawyering, more illegal and unethical behavior and none of it on the defendants side! Throughout our quest to find out what's really gone on here, we've found instances where the state's victim has committed mortgage fraud, we've seen the lead detective in the Barrera case screw up the simplest of accident investigations, we've shown that Detective Baluja whose job it was to investigate mortgage fraud couldn't execute his own mortgage correctly and we've just received documents that seem to conclusively prove that there is a fatal flaw in the states case. Could this get worse? Yes it can.

Remember the civil foreclosure case that arose from the purchase of the home on Oak Avenue? Interestingly enough the court had appointed a Guardian to look into the person who allegedly posed as Bernardo Barrera at the closing for the home, the Guardians findings mimicked exactly what was written in the Miami Herald and had a few other tidbits thrown in by someone else involved in the case. In a nutshell, the Guardian DIDN'T DO A THING! What about this other character that made statements that the Guardian took as fact? As a lay person, I have to wonder how someone involved in this case could make these statements, furthermore, I have to question how the Guardian wrote his report without doing any investigating on his own. To make matters worse, I received a copy of an email correspondence between a tipster and the guardian several months ago where the Guardian is shown where to look to find documents that would cast serious doubts on the statements that Mr. Barrera made to the court. You know what the Guardian did? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Alarming huh? How can officers of the court behave this way? This reminds me of the old Hebrew National commercial...

As the creator of this mess we call the Straw Buyer, we have no one to answer to, yet there are some of the people involved in this case that have to answer to a "higher power" and have to hold themselves to a higher moral and ethical standard than we do. Unfortunately these people through their actions over the last year have proven themselves to be behaving in an immoral and unethical manner and in doing so have reflected their professions in a very poor light. I'll discuss the case with the Guardian at length tomorrow, today we're off to dig through old files to see what we can unearth regarding the names we mentioned yesterday.

I've often wondered since the creation of this blog if we're doing the right thing by continuing to write about this mess we call a case. One comment I've heard over and over again is "damn that cop FCUKED UP, but you've destroyed him!", that sounds harsh doesn't it? Should we have let Detective Baluja's misconduct remain a secret? The answer is a RESOUNDING NO! We're now going to shed some light on some of the other people on the states side so we can get an idea of who they are. I was having some doubts about the direction of our journey, so I turned to martial arts expert Chuck Norris to see what he thinks...


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